When you get the tatoo of their name removed after they cheat

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Part one!
Warning : swearing

          Theodore Nott

You wore a spaghetti strap short black dress for the slytherin party this week, it's your first time out your dorm since Theo cheated on you.

Pansy had convinced you to go even though you didn't want to she said it would be a good time to get him back.

She brought you the dress and placed in on your bed as you curled your hair, "pansy, i love the dress but he's gonna see that i got my tattoo removed" you said, you had the tattoo on the back of your neck with his name in a butterfly.

"and what he deserves to know your over him he's a dickhead" she replied pulling red bottom high heels out her bag "and there your sexy shoes" she smiled "i'll meet you back here at 7" and she walked out your dorm.

You looked in the mirror "you can do this y/n" you said.

7pm rolled around and you walked out your dorm to see pansy standing in the same dress but in white and white boots with a red bottom. "you look gorgeous" she said "thank you Pansy so do you" you replied

You two walked in the party and everyone looked your way, Theo saw you and his jaw dropped "i'm going to get drinks" you said to pansy.

You walked over to the drink table, you parted your hair at the back and your neck was visible, "you got it removed" you heard from behind you

"yeah and what" you replied coldly "you cheated on me theo, i don't need a constant reminder on the back of my neck" you said poring a drink.

"i know i did but i told you i was drunk"

"drunk or not you still cheated. You still slept with her. Drunk actions are sober thoughts" you said walking away leaving him standing alone as the girl he cheated with dances with another boy.

He watches you have fun with the character of your choice from a distance wishing he never cheated but remembered what you said "drunk actions are sober thoughts"

             Tom Riddle

"Toms crying" draco said walking past you in the common room

"why" you say

"he saw you got your tattoo removed and he got really upset because that meant a lot to him" draco said

"he literally cheated on me" you reply

"i know but maybe go talk to him" draco said

"fine" you say walking towards Toms dorm

You knock on the door 3 times as you two made up that code to know it was you or him coming round, "tom" you say as you see him crying "y/n" he replied shocked to see you "im sorry you have to see me like this" he said turning around.

"Tom look i'm sorry it meant a lot to you but you have to understand, your the one who cheated im not going to stay with a cheater" you said

"i know and i hope we can maybe get along in a other universe" he said

"yeah maybe" you said tearing up

You really did love Tom even though sometimes he was a dick to you he was the first boy who ever showed an interest until he cheated.

"Mattheo can you make sure you keep an eye on tom please" you say

"yeah sure why tho" he asked sipping his drink

"he's really upset from the break up and i understand that but you know he cheated and everything so he kinda deserves it but i still feel like, a shitty person could you keep checking on him and then texting me on how he's doing and maybe tell
him, i still want to be friends" you said to mattheo as he handed you your old promise ring tom had gotten you,

"maybe keep wearing this, i've got an idea it will make him a lot happier" he said as you looked at it and slowly put it back on your finger.

"thanks matt" you said

"anytime" he said as you parted ways

          Mattheo Riddle

Mattheo cheated on you 2 weeks ago and you haven't been seen since, the first time you came out your dorm was to get you tattoo removed.

You had his name on your inner thigh as that was his favourite place to kiss.

You were laying in your dorm in a hoodie and shorts when mattheo walked in with flowers trying to apologise.

"mattheo i've said this so many times im not fucking forgiv-" you got interrupted

"you got it removed" he said pointing at your thigh

"obviously, i'm not gonna keep my ex boyfriends name on my thigh" you said crossing your arms you could see that he was clearly upset but trying to hide it at the same time

"yeah i mean you could have told me before" he said putting the flowers down on your bed

"well my life now has nothing to do with you" you said "are they for me still?" you ask

"yeah keep them, no other girl deserves them" he said

"thank you mattheo they are lovely" you say picking them up as he walked out

Mattheo believed there might still be a chance but you knew you could never go back to him.

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