"im sorry my love" - m.r

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Y/n Malfoy x Mattheo Riddle

Warnings - Getting tortured , Swearing

Word count- 871 words

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for this idea x

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"FUCK, WHERE IS SHE!" Mattheo yelled. "We'll find her, we'l-" Draco said panicking.

The Slytherin boys had been running around Hogwarts for 2 hours trying to find their beloved Slytherin princess. They all promised they wouldn't give up no matter what, no matter how long it took.

"Yo-you guys..are..you loo-king for Y/n" Harry said interrupting Draco .  "Why potter?" Draco said. "I just got into Voldemort's head and he's got her at Malfoy Manor. He was saying something about not wanting to be deatheaters ."Fuck fuck fuck no", Draco said as Theo, Tom, Blaise and Enzo ran over "We can't find her Matt", Tom said ,"What's potter doing here?" Blaise asked "We need to go to the Manor now" Draco said before they all apparated there.

They landed in the hallway right outside the dining room door. When they heard screaming "AHH PL-PLEASE STOP....MUM MAKING THEM STOP p...p...Please" Y/n screamed "Narcissa do not help her!!" Voldemort said to a crying Narcissa . "Lucious how about you take the next hit" Voldemort said walking over to him. The Slytherin boys where looking through the door way "son of a bitch" Tom said as he held back Mattheo from running in "tom fucking let me go she's badly hurting" Mattheo whispered.

"My lord, I couldn't she's my daughter" Lucious said "Shame your weak...CRUCIO" Voldemort replied firing another spell at Y/n "AHHH" she screamed again. "Let me have a go let me have a go" Bellatrix said really hyper. "Fine Bellatrix she's all yours".  She didn't want to fire a spell so she walked over to her and got on top of her pinning her down so she couldn't move "please no" Y/n weakly whispered Bellatrix didn't listen to her at all and grabbed hold of her arm and a knife and started carving TRAITOR in her arm slowly so it was more painful.

Y/n screamed for Mattheo. "He's not here you slut" Bellatrix said.

" I can't watch this anymore" he said running in and stupefying Bellatrix as all the other boys ran in after him throwing spells at the other 6 deatheaters. Draco ran over to Y/n and helped her up "Its ok its going ok be alright" Draco said holding her up "THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU SAY NO TO ME. I  AM THE DARK LORD YOU NEVER SAY NO TO  ME YOU WILL BECOME DEATHEATER IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT ". Voldemort yelled, No one answered Voldemort they just kept throwing spells at the deatheaters "She's your daughter how did you let that happen you dick." Blaise said to them before stupefying Lucious.

"Let's get out of here come on" Mattheo said helping pick Y/n up and running out the room with Blaise and Tom "Theo, Enzo come on guys" Tom yelled from the hall. Theo grabbed hold of Enzo and ran out the room "Look at my arm" Y/n said crying. "Its ok princess we'll get a bandage on it back at Hogwarts.

All the Slytherin boys grabbed hold of Y/n and Mattheo before they apparated back to safety at Hogwarts. Draco and Mattheo held Y/n up one both sides of her. They got back to the common room, luckily no one else was there  Mattheo handed Y/n over to Tom who picked her up bridal style and followed all the other boys as they walked to Y/n and Mattheo's shared dorm. Mattheo opened the door as tom walked in with Y/n placing her gently on the bed. "I'm sorry I'm so sorry", Y/n said as all of them looked at her in confusion, "it's not your fault they kidnapped you, you couldn't do anything they are so much taller than you and stronger so do not apologise!", Draco said. "Yea Y/n none of this is your fault", Theo said. "You don't know how grateful I am that you saved me, I love you guys so much.", she said. "We all love you too" Blaise said as everyone nodded. "Yeah but, I love you more than anyone else here" Mattheo said. "Right guys let's get to bed we can talk about this more tomorrow let Y/n sleep she needs it" Enzo spoke before everyone said goodnight.

Once everyone left she got up to lock the door. Her knees went weak before she started to break down. "hey, hey, hey come here darling" Mattheo said pulling Y/n into his chest" "I know baby I know", After about 5 minuets of this she fell asleep his arms, "I love you so much, I'm so fucking sorry I couldn't protect you" he says before laying Y/n down and cuddling next to her.

He kissed her forehead.

"Goodnight princess im sorry my love".


This one was quite short I know sorry but I am quite proud of it I wrote it at 3am so sorry if something isn't spelled right or something doesn't make sense xx 


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