You drifting in a car with them in it

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Word count - 1190 words
only warning is swearing.
Theodore Nott

You and Theo decided to go visit your dad over the holidays, instead of staying at Hogwarts.

You both apparate there and he sees your dad in the garage fixing a car.

"Hey y/n/n" you dad shouts as he closes down the cars bonnet. "Your cars fixed" he said before going inside to get you the keys.

"you have a car?" Theo says.

"yep" you say smiling.

Your dad gives you the keys and has a quick conversation with Theo before he takes your bags inside and you drag Theo to the car.

"This is sick" he says seeing the inside of your car. You had racer seats and led lights in your car.

"Ready?" you ask him. "Yes" he says and you drive towards an abandoned race track.

"what is this place?" he asks

"it's used to be a race track before a massive crash happened then they abandoned it" you say pointing towards a half burned part of the track.

"shit" he said

You got the best idea that you would drift in the car with him. So you begin driving around the track at a normal speed then suddenly you start drifting out of no where.

"HOLY SHIT...that's so fucking cool" he yells. He laughs as you do it again. "Where the fuck did you learn that" he asked as you stopped the car.

"My dad taught me" you laughed as Theo kept yelling like a child for you to do more things.

Tom Riddle

Tom knew how to drive and so did you but he never trusted you to drive.

One day you decided you two would go to a race track and you'd show him you can seriously drive.

He got in your car and you started to drive around the track. You went around it a few times before you started to drift.

"This is why i don't let you drive" Tom said thinking you lost control of the car but when you did it again he realised you were doing it on purpose.

"Did you do that on purpose?" he asked and you nodded "what's that called" he asked

"it's drifting, my uncle taught me" you said

"that was sexy" he said making you laugh "you driving in general is sexy" he said

"then why can i do it more often" you asked

"because i like driving you places." he said "i will let you drive a little more" he smiled at you.
Mattheo Riddle

You and the slytherins were staying at your parents cabin for the summer.

Mattheo had flund out you drove because you drove him up there.

"babe take me on a drive" he asked

"okay go get in the car then" you say getting your shoes.

"i'm coming too" pansy says.

You end up taking Pansy and Lorenzo on a drive too. Pansy knew about you being able to drift and as soon as you guys were in an open space she asked you to do it.

"what's she doing" Mattheo asked

"just hold on to something" you say as you start to drift

Pansy yelled in excitement, Mattheo looked at you like you were crazy and Enzo just held onto everything he could.

"what the hell was that" mattheo asked you to

"drifting" you said smiling to him

"that's hot" he says as you laugh "do it again" mattheo says

Enzo shakes his head but it's too late you're already drifting again.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard later" Mattheo whispers in your ear.

"we didn't need to hear that Mattheo" pansy says
Draco Malfoy

You and Draco decided to go on a drive in your car which he knew you had and always wanted to see it.

You didn't know that your uncle taught you how to drift so you decided to surprise him with it to see his reaction.

"How long have you drove for then" he asked

"my uncle taught me at 11 and i only drove with him in the car then he taught me tricks at 15" you said

"what are tricks?" he asked

"this" you said smiling.

You started to drift and he dramatically grabbed onto things.

"i'm gonna fucking die!" he yelled.

"calm down dray you won't die, i know what i'm doing" you laughed as you drifted more.

You began driving again and he looked at you partly with shock and a little hate.

"could have told me to hold on to something" he said.

"hold on then" you said before moving again.

Blaise Zabini

You had spoken to Blaise about your drifting in a car before but he always thought you were going insane.

He never told you but he didn't think you could do it.

You went back home for a few days with blaise and you showed him your car.

"let's go drifting" he said as he climbed in the car.

"okay" you said as you drove around the back of your house to a dirt track only used by you.

"holy" he said seeing the track.

"what else do you do?" he asked

"i've got dirt bikes" you smile as you drive around the track.

"sexy" he said and before he knew it he was being thrown around side to side.

"fucking hell ma" he said "was that drifting?" he asked

"yea, it was" you said as you did it again this time he payed more attention.

"that's actually so it again" he said making you do it about 5 more times.

Lorenzo Berkshire

You and Enzo went to his parents house in your car for the holidays.

Enzo's dad came outside to great you guys and saw your car. "Darling come look who's daughter it is" he called to his wife, she came out the door and gasped.

Your dad was a famous race car driver and he had a signature car design and he made you a car that looked like his just how you wanted it.

Enzo got out the car and his mum said to him "didn't know your girlfriends dad was famous"

You got out the car as she walked towards you and gave you a hug, "i never knew your dad was famous" enzo said to you.

"Yea he's a race car driver, he made me the car" you said as Enzo said "well let's go to the abandoned airport and drive on the run ways.

He jumped in the car like a child "i'll make dinner for you when you're back" his mum said as you thanked her and drove off.

You and Enzo got to the runway and you decided to show him your tricks so you start driving then drifting.

"It's so fun!!!" he yelled as you drifted all down the track.

You stopped the car at the end "do that again" enzo said as you laughed turning the car around to do it again.

"You have to drive more often" he said "teach me" he gasped.

"Okay let's switch then" you said and went on to teach enzo how to drive.

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