A Hookup To Remember - d.m

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- Hooking up at a party with Draco Malfoy your enemy
- Y/n Berkshire x Draco Malfoy
Warnings - smut, swearing, public fingering, drinking
word count: 905 words

*First person*
Green light filled up the Slytherin common room. Slytherin had just won against Hufflepuff at quidditch. I had scored the winning goal it was 20-20 in the last minute I scored 10 and made it 30-20.

I saw my enemy Draco Malfoy from across the room, it made no sense we were in the same friend group but he hated me and i hated him. He scoffed as I got lifted up into the air by Theodore and out on his shoulders. Before everyone screamed "Y/n Y/n"

-Two hours later-

I was sitting on the couch staring into the fire with a drink in one hand and a smoke in the other. Draco came up behind me saying "You know red those are bad for you", He called me red because my hair used to be dyed red in 2nd year he's never dropped the name and i kinda liked it.

"I don't care Malfoy i don't know why this party was even set up people have won like that before but they haven't had a party thrown for them"
i said before he sat next to me grabbing the smoke and putting it out, "well your special" he said "what do mean i'm special" i asked "people like you, they find you attractive.....i find you attractive." he said i looked at him shocked before he smashed his lips onto mine.

"Let's go finish this in my form shall we red?" he said pulling me up and dragging me to his dorm.


He closed the door before he stood in-front of me towering over me.


He locked the door.

Next thing i knew my back was pushed against the door and his lips were attacking mine again this time with more passion and more confidence.

He pulled me off the wall and onto the bed before climbing on top of me. "let's get this slutty dress off of you" he said before unzipping my dress as i pulled it off he removed his suit.

I never thought i'd be half naked for my enemy but fuck it.

i got on my knees slowly pulling down his boxers and took his hard dick into my hand before my lips attached to his tip. He gasped as i took he full length, his hands went straight to my hair holding it up as i took him all the way.

"never thought i'd be so lucky to see you on your knees sweetheart" he said pushing my head down.

i held back my gags as tears ran down my face, i could tell he was close to release so i stopped. and stood up before this wave of confidence suddenly came over me i pushed him down onto the bed and got on top of him.

He smirked at my action and unclasped my bra in one swift motion. My thong was pulled down and i could feel myself getting wetter by the second "so wet for me princess" he laughed before his dick slipped inside me.

I started riding him slowly at first so i could get used to him then got quicker ever so often he would jolt his hips up going further inside me.

I was riding him so hard, my arms wrapped around his neck for support.

He wanted to be in control
so he flipped us over.

"Oh fuck, yes" my feet were planted on the mattress next to Draco's hips, leaning back so his cock would slide all the way down to the base, press all the way to the back of my cunt.

"That's it, Red, take it all," Draco groaned.

"don't call me red" i moaned

"what then slut? fuck toy?" he said

"fuck you..malfoy" i said

"you already are princess" he laughed

He found my G-spot and was pleased with himself. He hit it Once, He felt like heaven, then twice i was so close

"draco i'm close" i moaned

"so am i princess, so am i" he grunted

A few more thrusts and we both finished. "I can't believe i just fuck you" i said "neither can i red, i guess we can't hate each other anymore" he said before he kissed my neck "mm i guess we can't" i said as he started to make a mark on my neck claiming me.

"YO DRACO YOU SEEN Y/N?" Tom yelled trying to open the door

"NO NO I HAVEN'T MATE SORRY" Draco replied as tom walked away

"guess we better go back"
i said getting my dress back on and kissed draco before we walked out together.

Me and draco rejoined the party this time he was holding me close to him, we sat down with the rest of our friend group and pulled a blanket over us as he was cold.

I felt his cold rings slide down my thighs before getting to my thong. "Really draco" i whispered "yes red" he said "seriously" he whispered back before slipping his fingers inside me. I had to be quiet all our friends where around us. "Better not making a noise red" draco whispered
"or you'll set me off again"
i'm so sorry i haven't posted i've been busy xx

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