Open Relationship with b.z

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Y/n Y/l/n x Blaise Zambini and Tom Riddle

Warnings : open relationship, smut

Thank you : @infinitelytime for this suggestion x

Word count: 778 words

You walk into Toms room and you see him lying on his bed facing his computer .

" hey Tom. I just come to take my book back" you say

Tom doesn't hear you as he has headphones on. He's moaning you name while masterbaiting.

"Tom?" you yell

He heard you think time and rushed to cover up.

"y/n what are you doing here?" he asks standing up as his boxers are pulled up. His dick bulging through the boxers.

"i-uh i'm just here to get my potions book you borrowed" you say as you turn around to his desk and pick it up.

He came up behind you and pressed himself up against you back. You could feel how big he was. "holy shit" you thought to yourself before he started kissing your neck. He grabbed your waist as you started to breathe heavy, you could feel he was making a mark "T-tom i'm with blaise" you say "so you guys have an open relationship anyway" he said "i guess" you say, if you was honest you didn't like that but it was only for a week just because you guys got dared to.

"fuck it" you said before turning around to face Tom and pulled him down by his tie to kiss him he took off his shirt as he deepened the kiss by pulling you even closer. You pulled away and took of your shirt and skirt leaving you in your underwear.

"You're body is gorgeous"
he said while you smiled at him before pushing him onto the edge of bed and getting on your knees.

"Go ahead princess" he said before you pulled down his boxers and taking his dick into your hand running your finger over his tip before licking it slowly and then taking his whole length into your mouth. "Oh my god y/n you drive me crazy" he said as he grabbed your hair while you bobbed up and down on him.

After a while of bobbing up and down and occasionally licking his tip slowly to tease him a bit, he twitched and said "i'm so fucking close" you bobbed up and down one more time before he released in your mouth. You swallowed and heard a slow sarcastic clap from the door. You both shot a look to the door and saw Blaise standing their with a boner.

"My girlfriend is great a head isn't she tom?" he said, "well yh" tom said pulling his boxers back on "no need to put them back on Tom because me and you are about to destroy this slut" he said grabbing your hair and pulling you up then pushing you onto the bed.

Tom smiled at Blaise before he nodded, you saw him put on a condom and pulled off your panties for him as Blaise stripped quickly before standing at the end of the bed while Tom put you in doggy style and entered your already wet cunt you gasped as he was massive you moaned before Blaise looked down at you and smiled indicating that he wanted head. You grabbed his cock and put it in your mouth.

Every time Tom pushes into you hard, you took Blasies full length and gagged a little.

You moaned.

Tom moaned.

Blaise moaned.

"such a slut for us" Blaise said "you know i like this open relationship shit it's fun" he said "but i prefer having you to myself"

Tom had came again and so had you. You carried on giving Blasie head before he came.

Before you had time to breathe Blaise had sat down and pulled you on top of him pushing is dick inside you.

You rode Blaise as Tom watched masterbaiting in his desk chair.

"blaise ugh" you moaned as he laughed grabbing your ass.

He took one of your tits into his mouth and sucked on them making sure to leave marks.

Tom finished and went to wash his hand before you and blaise both finished.

You got off blaise barley able to feel your legs. You laid down as Blaise got his shirt off and gave it to you while Tom got boxers out for you.

"That was fun" you said as both the boys got into bed with you. Tom turned on his tv to family guy and you all watched it before falling asleep. Blaises head on your chest and you laying down with Toms arm around you.

i don't know how good that was 😭 x

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