What they would do if you were ill

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           Theodore Nott

- Would bring you everything you need.

- Make sure your warm and making sure your taking medication and eating and drinking properly.

            Tom riddle

-I think he'd read to you as you fell asleep

- Would still go to class but check on you after every class and would bring you food
          Mattheo Riddle

-skip classes to spend time with you
-takes care of you like your dying
-literally won't leave your side
       Lorenzo Berkshire

-gives you food and
drink and cuddles with you all day
- would make you cute gifts and food

            Draco Malfoy

-would probably ask his mum what to do and she would say cuddle with her and he would

- he'd also be so strict about you taking medication on time

           Blaise Zabini

- no one would see him because he'd be taking care of you

- eating food with you

sorry if this is shit i made this during tutor time at school on friday and forgot about it 😭

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