Nothing but you - r.b

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warnings : smut, swearing
word count: 1384 words

"What do you want for Christmas"


"Regulus" I snap. "Tell me what you want for Christmas or you're getting coal"

"I don't want anything"


The argument has been going on for days but I'm running out of time to buy him something. Everyone else was so easy, but Regulus never gives anything away, so now I don't know what to get him. I bought Pansy a new perfume and a bottle of vodka, and then I bought my brother Theodore Nott a new lighter and a camera and the others in my friend group all bottles of booze.

But Regulus nothing.

"Please, just tell me what you want, I want to get you something that will make you happy"

"You make me happy. Just let me have you"

"But you cant unwrap me"

"I could unwrap you if you'd let me.." he rasps, his hand slipping under my T-shirt to tickle across my stomach.

I can feel him growing hard between my thighs.

Five weeks doesn't seem long in the grand scheme of things, but the more I've gotten to know him, the more I've wanted to climb him like a tree. There is something about learning the tough, muscular quidditch players favourite movie is Tangled.

It does funny things to your insides.

When I hold my arms up in the air, he sits up and pulls the T-shirt over my head. His brown eyes darken and the heart of his gaze travels over me, sending a jolt of anticipation up me spine. My bra goes next, his tongue immediately flicking over my already hard nipple. Traveling up my chest, he kisses his way to my mouth, grasping my face between his hands.

His mouth meets mine tongue exploring fervently as my hips develop a mind of their own and grind against him. Each swirl of my hips sends the most addictive wave of pleasure through me. "God, I've missed you". His teeth nip at my bottom lip, voice low and strained. "I'm not lasting long if you keep doing that, just tell me what you want for Christmas or I wont let you come at all." I tease reaching between us to grip him through his boxers. His shocked chuckle is instantly replaced with a low throaty moan as I rub up and down. "Come on, Reggie its one little gift"

"I don't know!" My back hits the mattress as he flips us over, his hard body hovering over mine. He works his way down my body, stopping to lick and kiss every spot until his mouth is hovering right over the damp spot on my panties. He frowns as he looks up from the spot between my thighs, tugging at the lace. "These are in the way" The second his mouth is on me I'm climbing, back arching from the bed, grinding into his face. Desperate, needy cries that he doesn't seem to give a shit about, as he takes his time, sucking my throbbing clit into his mouth. I cant take it. The pleasure rolls through me; a pleased grumble vibrates in his throat as his tongue pierces me, sending me tumbling over the edge, crying his name.

You'd think that would be enough for him to relent, but it's not he locks his arm around my legs, pinning me in position, gripping me tighter when the oversensitive overstimulated aching has been trying to squirm away.

The sensation is too much and my if back arches off the bed anymore. I swear I will snap it's been weeks of me just with the showerhead, so watching him bury his head between my legs and a vowel moaning her more than I can handle
"One more baby"
and of course, my body does whatever he says.
"Clever girl," he's climbing back up my body, brushing the hair from my dump forehead. I push his boxes down and let his dick spring free and move my hand up and down, watching his eyes roll back in his head.
"Tell me what you want for christmas Reggie"

Heath thrust into my hand slowly "How can you still think about Christmas when i just made you come twice"

"because it's important to me to do something nice for you"

"i only want you, Y/n. Nothing you can buy me is better than you"

I pull his mouth to mind, tasting myself on his tongue. I'm lost for words. How can I not be this man blows every negative thought I've ever had about exclusivity anyway, why would I ever want to share myself share him? He kisses me, cradles my face and gives me every silver of his care and attention. His arm reaches towards the bedside drawer, and words, spill out my mouth

"We don't have to use a condom...unless you want to, i'm on birth control and i trust you"

I don't think I've ever seen him speechless. He finally plays his throat after staring at me with a slack jaw for 30 seconds.

"you serious?"

"yea i am"
he lines himself up, and the anticipation is killing me.
"You sure"

"please we've waited long enough" Regulus sinking into me bare is like nothing I've ever experienced everything is ten times better and i can feel every part of him.
"Oh my god. so fucking good y/n, Jesus you're so wet and ready for me." he pulls back his hips and snapped them forward, skin slapping echoing around the room. My skin feels ready to burst into flames, and every nerve is on edge. I want more.

"hard and fast" i whisper, wrapping my legs around him and crossing my feet at the bottom of his back.

"I won't last." he groans "you feel too good. it's taking every ounce of self control not to go right now"

using my feet to lift my hips and slide up and down him rolling my hips, when I get back to the tip, I want him to pound me into the bed and see him lose his mind, but Mr generous is too concerned about turning me into a quivering wreck. again.

"i don't care," i tell him honestly "give me everything you've got" sliding his hands under me, his fingers wraparound to clean my shoulders. I'm trying to hide a giddy expression on my face, but he spots it, and his lips tugging into a smirk, "Wrap your arms around me and remember you asked for it".
his hands pulled me down as he drive forward. Every thrust has me crying into his mouth and digging my nails into his shoulders. My legs are shaky, and every time he goes deep, my back arches, and legs tighten around him.


"I know baby, i know" his forehead, falls to mine, noses brushing against each other, and our mouth crashed together desperately. "Look at you taking it all like a good fucking girl."

"i'm so close," i cry, gripping the back of his neck tightly with one hand, and rubbing frantically between my legs with the other "who's pussy is this, y/n?" he gasps, his thrusts getting rougher and sloppier.

"oh fuck..yours, it's yours"

"come for me, let me feel you"

"regulus, oh fuc-"

my entire body, crashes, titans skills and melts simultaneously I don't know which sensation to run with, so I settle for disintegration his body collapses on top of mine, chest, heavy body shaking, as I feel him throb and jerk inside of me "fuuuck" we lie there for minutes stun to silence him still hard inside me, lazily kissing. I'm not sure how anything is supposed to feel better than this how I could be expected to settle for less when I eventually I get my breath back and post-orgasms fogginess begins to clear. I rake my fingers through his hair.

"I didn't make you tell me what you want as a Christmas present" I grumble, disappointed in myself for getting dicknotized and forgetting. He snorts, his breath, tickling against my neck, where his head is currently resting "i think you just gave me my christmas present...and i gave you yours" he points down at your neck smiling at the marks he left.

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