How they would react to you using the safe word

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If you don't know a safe word is typically used to stop a physical act in sex.

Word count : 755 words
Theodore Nott

Theo had made you finish multiple times already and you two were still going.

Your vision was blurry but you still managed to notice Theo get off you once you said "red" however it was so quiet you didn't know he'd hear.

"princess are you okay?"
he asked. No answer

"Y/n/n" he shouted a little

"yea i'm so sorry theo"

"don't be, what happened"

"i was fine one minute and then i wasn't i think we just went for too long" you said falling back onto the pilliow and Theo put his arm around you and cuddled together.

Tom Riddle

Tom was being extremely rough today, he was normally rough but this time it was painful.

"tom red.." you said but it sounded like it was in your head so you tried to say it again but he had already stopped

"did i hurt you?" his face full of worry

"a little" you sat up and pulled the bed cover over you embarrassed.

"darling don't be embarrassed i'm so sorry, i shouldn't have been rough" he said handing you a t-shirt as watched you put it on before he got into bed with you and you two eventually fell asleep.

Regulus Black

Regulus was pounding into you harder because he was angry with quidditch, you knew he got angry and you could normally deal with it but this time you felt on the verge of fainting.

"" you cried out making him stop instantly and pulling out of you

"shit baby did i hurt you" he asked

"no no just felt really weak" you said and he look at you with apologetic eyes before he took his condom off and grabbed clothes for you.

"if i ever do that again, you slap me" he smiled

"im not slapping you" you laughed as he placed a kiss on your head and climbed into bed with you and cuddling you.

Mattheo Riddle

For some reason you weren't in the mode anymore, you were when it started but it stopped randomly and now it just hurt and was uncomfortable.

You touched mattheos arm and cried "red"

Panic spread on his face "baby did i hurt you?" he asked

"no i just i'm not feeling it right so sorry i ruined it" you said as mattheo laid down next to you.

he scoffed "i don't care i need my princess to be happy with it and not uncomfortable" he tucked hair behind your ear.

He wrapped his arms around you feeling extremely comfortable again.

You two fell asleep together.

Draco Malfoy

You suddenly became overstimulated and didn't know if you could take any more your whole body shaking

"red!" you finally managed to get out which caused draco to instantly stop "Are you okay? did i hurt you? was it too much?" he asked

"yeah too much" you said looking down embarrassed but he kissed your head and reassured you

You two cuddled and he whispered sweet things in your ear as you fell asleep

Blaize Zabini

You and blaise had gotten high with theo earlier and thought it would be a good idea to
fuck, suddenly felt like something was off. You felt like if he kept going you'd be sick.

"r-red" you slurred out and blaise stopped

"ma did i hurt you?" he asked

"no i just don't feel well" you said as he let out a long deep breath he was holding.

You got off the bed slipping on a shirt then walking to the bathroom and was sick in the toilet, Blaise walked over to you quickly pulling boxers on and holding back your hair.

"Yea we aren't doing this high again" he said

Lorenzo Berkshire

You had gotten back from quidditch practice and felt all achy but still decided to tell enzo you'd be okay to go rounds of fucking.

You knew your body couldn't take any more so you finally spoke up  "red" you said.

"are you alright did i hurt you?" he panicked

"no it's me, i'm all achy from quidditch im stupid for thinking i could go rounds" you said

"tell me next time" he said

"i know but im not glass i thought i could do it but i guess not" you said and he pulled you close to him laying down together and falling asleep wrapped around each other.


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