Happy birthday- t.n

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Warnings - Birthday sex, swearing
Word count : 638 Words
Y/n riddle x Theodore nott

Theo and you have always had a good relationship. Some people even thought you two where dating. So when he got a girlfriend it shocked everyone.

He'd just recently broke up with her and started drinking again. She was horrible to him she made him spend every second with her and stopped you two being friends .

You of course felt bad for him but deep down you were happy it didn't work out.

He was sitting in the library reading, studying for his exam tomorrow when you walked up and say next
to him. "hey Theo" you said

"hey stinky" he said back closing his book so his full attention was on you.

He was gorgeous, his eyes glistening in the candle lit room his hair messed up but a hot messy and a beautiful smile on his face.

Theo pov: Y/n was the most gorgeous girl i've ever seen, her smile lights up every room and her eyes always shine in the sun. The way her hair falls on her shoulders. I just want to kiss her.

Back to your pov: You two had been starting at each other for ages. Before the clock hit midnight. "Happy birthday gorgeous" he says smiling pulling you into a bear hug. "come to my dorm i've got a surprise" he said leading you to his dorm.

Once you arrived you walked in to see candles lit and a teddy bear on the bed holding a card. "aww theo thi-" you stated to speak before getting cut of by Theo pulling you into a kiss. "Y/n i have loved you forever and that girl i dated was to see if my feeling stayed the same, they did. I don't just think of you as my friend i see you as my soulmate, Will you make the the happiest man and be my girlfriend?" he asked handing you the teddy "fuck yes i will" you said before jumping into a hug.

You two got into a heated make out session on his bed before he started to take your clothes off. He took your shirt off revealing the sexiest green lacy bra. "wow" he said "your so gorgeous".

He took his shirt off and flipped over so you were now on the bottom. You could feel yourself soaking through your thong you just wanted him inside you.

He unbuckled his belt and you could see his hard dick through his boxers. He pulled off your joggers and looked up at you for permission, you nodded and he pulled off his boxers and pushed himself slowly inside you.

"tell me if it hurts" he says kissing your head before he started to move in and out. You gasped as he kissed your neck bitting at it surely leaving a mark.

The pain slowly became pleasure.

You both became moaning messes and didn't care who heard you. You did pray no one came in though especially not your brothers.

"Theo...i'm close" you said as he smiled and said "me too baby me too"

He continued to thrust himself deeper and deeper into you before you came around cock. "good girl, just a little more" he said as he came.

He pulled out and his arms gave out collapsing onto your chest.

You put on Theo's quidditch jersey and your underwear as he put his boxers back on.

"I love you y/n. Happy birthday princess" he said

"i love you too, thank you theo" you say before you two fell asleep cuddling.

Ahh it's my birthday and ofc i had to do my fav Slytherin boy as a birthday sex one xx

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