Them giving you head (eating you out) part 1

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Warnings: eating out
Word count : 1432 words
          Theodore Nott

You two never really liked the idea of him giving you head but recently he'd been thinking alot about it.

You guys were play fighting in your dorm and you pushed him and he hit the door. "ooo"he said smirking as your smile dropped "shit" you said as theo ran up to you and picked you up bridal style.

He held you like that for a few seconds before slamming you down on the bed, you laughed as you back made contact with the bed. You rolled into a ball from laughing when theo grabbed your leg and opened them.

He got on top of you and started to kiss you and as it slowly turned into a heated make out, he pulled away and kissed your forehead. "let me pleasure you" he said and you nodded.

He moved down towards your waist band of your leggings and he pulled them down, he pulled your thong to the side and ran his fingers down your folds.

He licked you cilt and kissed it making a shiver go up your spine, his tongue entered your cunt and quickly moved it from side to side as your hand grabbed onto his hair tugging on it occasionally.

"fuck theo" you moaned, as you felt his finger connect with your cilt moving his finger around in circles. "mmm" you moaned biting your lip. A knot arrived in your stomach and theo could tell that you were close and wanted you to come on his dick so he moved away and back and he kissed you again you could taste yourself on his tongue.

"i want you to come on my dick" he said unbuttoned his shirt.

            Tom Riddle

Your boyfriend knows how much you struggle at potions so he decided he'd help you study.

You went to his dorm at 8pm knowing you would hate this study session but you have to as tom will never drop it.

He passed you a book and said "read me how you make liquid luck". He kneeled down in front of you and put his hands on your thighs.

"Add Ashwinder egg to a cauldron, then add horseradish and heat."
you said as toms hand made their way up your skirt and near your thong.

You took a deep breath.

"Juice a squill bulb, add to the cauldron and stir vigorously" you say while tom licks his middle finger on his right hand while his left hand pulls your thong to the side.

"Chop up anemone-like growth on the back of Murtlap, add to mixture and heat."

"Add a dash of tincture of thyme and stir slowly" you stop as his fingers slipped into you. He started to curl them and you got distracted from reading  "come on darling, keep reading" he said

"Grind up Occamy eggshell and add to mixture......
Stir slowly then heat the cauldron." His lips made contact with your clit and you moaned as he began to suck.

"Add a...sprinkle of powdered common rue" you say gulping and biting your lip

"Stir vigorously then heat the cauldron one last time", He licked in between your folds and his tounge slipped inside your cunt as his finger circled your clit.

"Wave wand over potion in a figure of eight" you pause You felt a knot in your stomach and he knew this, he  pushed his fingers inside you one more time curling them and brushing your g-spot, "say incantation 'Felixempra!" you say before moaning toms name as you came on his fingers.

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