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Slytherin Hermione by niva_214
Slytherin Hermioneby niva
Everyone is coming back to Redo their 7th year. What they find out at the resorting is a shock. Blaise, Theo, Pansy and Draco have a secret.Will Hermione, Ginny, Harry a...
we could be enough (scorbus) by pepperimps01
we could be enough (scorbus)by pepperimps01
Scorpius and Albus are starting their fifth year hoping to improve from last year's disaster. But with their growing feelings for one another, that may be easier said th...
~harry potter boys react~|| Slytherin edition || by YourGirlMabel
~harry potter boys react~|| Mabel
✨Slytherin boys react✨I think I'll make some Gryffindor and marauders one too but I cant promise anything, and if I do Gryffindor and marauders, I wont be doing "gi...
Breaking Draco by moosbitch
Breaking Dracoby ded
Draco Malfoy.. the most famous slytherin boy of his time. Known for hating Muggle-borns and Gryffindors, that was until he met you. Draco x reader smut warning