Exploring Kinks - t.r

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Warnings: Smut, toys,
dom tom, sub reader, edging, daddy

word count: 2860 words
You have been in a relationship with Tom Riddle for almost a year now. It was "nice". He was sweet, caring, somehow knew you emotionally and physically, he was also quite protective too.

But you would be lying if you said you didn't want him to get a little adventurous in bed.

You had touched yourself to the fantasy of him pounding me from behind choking you.

Rather than treating you like a porcelain doll that might shatter into pieces with one flick of a finger.

The example was right in front of you as you were seated with him at a dinner table in front of his brother and girlfriend at their house where he was a perfect gentleman.

Nobody would ever think of Tom Riddle as a guy who would have sexy kinks he was a college professor who had a few tattoos and was very reserved and would wear sweaters or suits all the times and looked super sexy in them.

But he always had a reputation with women who had been with him and it was kinky. He was known to have one-night stands or friends with benefits and no relationships.

Tom and you went to the same school but nothing ever happened and after years you met at a Slytherin party and ended up totally hitting it off and actually dating.

He had only shown glimpses of how he really was. The pinning you to walls and marking your neck and the control he showed confirmed that he did really have a kinky side.

It was nearly valentines day and you were nearly losing your patience and you just wanted to buy him handcuffs and lingerie as a gift so he'd finally get the message.

Just thinking of what you wanted him to do to you made your panties wet.

Feeling a little bold you slid your hand on his thigh as he was talking with Mattheo.

His dark brown eyes shot towards you and your stomach filled with butterflies.

You loved how he looked unfazed by your action but you suddenly felt really brave so you slid your hand a little higher.

Tom reached for his glass of
whiskey and you saw how his muscles had tensed and you could even see it through his sweater sleeves.

Tom was the type of guy who had muscles he even had an eight pack of abs but one would just say he was slender and lean unless they saw him out of his clothes.

Which will never happen on your watch.

I am territorial..I can't help myself when my man looks so fucking fine. you tell yourself

Your hand grazed over his cover his cock. You began to feel the hardness grow and his jaw clench as he ran a hand through his black curls almost ripping them out.

You bit your lip as this was turning you on more than you thought it would.

Tom was now undeniably hard and growing his hand was on yours making you stop from any further action so you slowly slid it off his cock and leg knowing he couldn't get up with his hard cock so clear.

After about fifteen more minuets of chatting with Mattheo and Ellie

Tom and I got up with Tom reaching for his coat that was on the chair and draped it over his forearm to hide the sight which was hilarious to me but disastrous to him if his brother and brother's girlfriend saw.

We walked to the door with Mattheo and Ellie and said our goodbyes.

Tom's free arm snaked its way around your waist while we walked pulling me close to him as his fingers dug harshly into your hips through your dress

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