You walking in on them in a hot tub/ jacuzzi

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Backstory: You and your chosen Slytherin boy's families are on holiday together to a lodge. For some reason you and the SB hate each other but your families love each other (if they don't have a family pretend they do)

Y/n/n - your nick name
Y/l/n - your last name

WARNINGS : smoking, vaping , drinking, kissing, swearing

Word count: 2139 words

Enjoy :)
         Theodore Nott

All your family and his family were watching TV so you decide to go out for a smoke in the hot tub, you put a green bikini on and a hoodie over yourself to go outside in.

"Where you off to this late?" Your brother asks.

"Going outside in the hot tub and a smoke" you reply grabbing your lighter.

Once outside you light a cigarette, you breathed and closed your eyes as the smoke filled your lungs, "pass me one" you head someone say and instantly knew who it was "no they are mine get your own" you replied "come on princess just one" Theo said.

You ignored him and took your hoodie off "take a picture Nott it lasts longer" you joked "I have a good memory" he replied. You ignored him and got in the hot tub/ jacuzzi however before you could sit down Theo stood up towering over you his abs dripping wet you couldn't help but look "take a picture y/l/n it lasts longer" he mocked you, you took another puff of your cigarette but before you got that sensational feeling Theo stole it out your mouth and took a hit blowing smoke over your head.

"Why do you hate me so much" you asked "I've done nothing to you" you finished

"I don't hate you, Y/n/n, it's the fact that you have so many boys drooling over you and boys that want you makes me jealous because I've liked you for as long as I can remember" Theo said putting out the cigarette.

" like me?" You say looking up at him.

"Yes y/n/n I do..shit I shouldn't ha-" he began to say before you interrupted him "Theo I like you too"
You said before Theo grabbed your waist with one hand and your face with the other pulled you close and kissed you softly.

You pulled away for air while Theo bit his lip before sitting back down, you instantly knew what he wanted and quite frankly you wanted it to so you straddled his lap and began to make out with him again just a lot more passionately. He went to your neck and started making marks.

You both heard the back door open and you quickly got off him. Yours sides pressed up against each other and Theo out his arm around your shoulder. Your brother came around the corner as you handed Theo your vape instead of a cigarette. "Hello you two" your brother said spotting the mark on your neck "I see you two make up your differences" he said holding in a laugh as he took your pack of cigarettes back in the house.
"Well I guess that leaves one thing.." Theo said "what's that" you replied "Y/n/n will you be my girlfriend?" He asked you smiled and said "Of course I will Theo" he pulled you in for another passionate kiss.

            Tom Riddle

You sneak out of the back door as your families are fast asleep you just want some time to yourself for once your little brothers had been driving you mad, you don't spot Tom in the hot tub/ jacuzzi.

He glares at you as you walk out not noticing him his jaw clenched as he saw you taking off you hoodie to reveal a sexy black bikini and wondered why you hated him.

"Hello darling" he said in a low voice which made you jump "fuck what are you doing here" you ask covering your chest "I've seen them before at that party when you wore that black dress" he said getting up and walking over to you holding out his hand "join me it's relaxing" he said, you hesitated before taking his hand he helped you in making sure you didn't slip.

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