drunk on love potions - d.m

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Y/n Parkinson x Draco Malfoy

Warnings; Fighting, Only making out nothing to big

Word count; 634 words


The music died and Y/n Parkinson stormed out the Slytherin common room. "What the fuck happened to her?" Mattheo said. All the Slytherin's who weren't facing the rest of the party spun around and saw what made her storm out. Draco was making out with Cho Chang. "What the actual fuck Draco!!!" Pansy yelled pulling Cho off him "Dude a Ravenclaw really that's who you cheat on Y/n with!" Theo exclaimed as Mattheo pushed Draco before Tom slapped him round the face.

"Tom what the hell!!" Draco said before jumping at tom punching him. Y/n came back in smelling like cigarettes. "Hey, Y/n you okay?" Enzo said hugging Y/n. " I guess, Enzo but..." she stopped as she herd yelling.

"I NEVER KISSED CHO I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR ALL TALKING ABOUT! Draco yelled "Y/n princess you know I-" he got cut off by Y/n "Well you did Draco" she said before walking back to her own dorm and locking the door. Draco went to go after her but Blaise pulled him back "Don't mate let her sleep and deal with it tomorrow both of you are drunk" He said before people started leaving the common room and going back to their dorms.


Y/n wasn't at breakfast and everyone was worried so Pansy went to find her. She got to Y/n's door and heard her crying from inside. "Hey sis you okay in there?" she asked as the door opened to reveal her sister with red puffy eyes and a cigarette in her hand. "Right let's get you cleaned up and we will go to the common room and Draco wants to talk about all of this and for some reason Hermione Granger is here".

Y/n got dressed into some comfy clothes and put her hair up in a low bun before putting her glasses on the top of her head and a jumper on just in time as Hermione walked into the dorm asking if she was ready. "yes we are coming now" Y/n said as all three of the girls walked downstairs to see Draco, Mattheo and Blaise sitting on the sofa in the common room. "Okay right hurry and get this over with" Y/n said as she sat on the other sofa with Pansy and Hermione.

"Y/n I don't remember ever kissing Cho Chang you think I'd want to kiss her" Draco said

"Draco I saw you and her, Don't lie to me" Y/n said bluntly

"Y/n it's true he didn't want to kiss her she forced him, isn't it obvious. She slipped a love potion into his drink" Hermione explained.

"Of course. When Tom slapped him he forgot about it." Blaise said.

Y/n was so pissed she couldn't say anything she just threw her glasses on the floor and stormed out the common room into the great hall and over to the Ravenclaw table. Her eyes landed on Cho and rage came over her. Y/n walked over to Cho and grabbed her by her hair and pulled her off er bench onto the floor and started beating her up "THIS IS WHAT YOU GET YOU WHORE, HOW FUCKING DARE YOU LOVE POTION MY BOYFRIEND!!!!" She yelled before Tom riddle finally pulled her off Cho and gave her to Draco and he pulled her into a deep loving kiss. "Your so fucking hot when your angry, come on let's clean you up" Draco said "I am so sorry about her actions princess but I'm doing to make up for it tonight."


Sorry it's short I didn't know what to do for this one xx

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