Apex Predator- e.b

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word count : 569 words

Backstory : Enzo is new Hogwarts and hasn't made friends with any Slytherins yet so made friends with Hermione, Harry and Ron. He tells them he likes you but they tell him the truth about you, since you are the riddle sister aka the Slytherin princess.
"guys i like y/n" he says

"as in y/n riddle the slytherin princess?" Ron says

"there's only one y/n in the whole of hogwarts ron" harry says.

They all go silent...until you walk with your brothers behind you , you tossing your hair as boys turn away not making eye contact with your brothers.

"Don't be fooled by the pink, she is not playing dolls
She is stalking the halls for the thrill of the kill, Every person in school is aware of her stare, When she tosses her hair, they go perfectly still" hermione says

"All their eyes say, "Don't attack me", Watch them sweat and pant and shake. Every food chain has its acne
Y/n Riddle eats steak" Harry says

"She's the queen of the beasts, she can smell your fear, In this biosphere, she's the apex predator" Ron said

"Like a lioness only with less fur?" Enzo asked

"Do not mess with her, she's the apex predator" they all say.

You and your brothers are walking in the court yard as girls scatter away as they were sitting in the well know Slytherin spot.

"At the watering hole, see the girls who weren't nice, Have to scatter like mice from a jungle cat, And though Hermione is great she does not have this power" Ron said to enzo as they all hid behind a wall

"People literally cower, Hermione can't do that" harry said

"See her mark her territory
As they follow in her train"

She says as pansy and astoria walk over to you guys,

"But they were victims in their stories, Now they shake their manes she's the queen of beasts and your in her pride" hermione finishes

"You have hitched a ride with the apex predator" they all say as you wave at enzo.

"and it's kinda fun when she bares her claws, You'll think you're safe because you're with the apex predator" hermione says slapping enzo with a book to stop him from looking over at you

"Do not think you'll be protected" harry says

"By your new exotic pet" ron says

"Not a chance if she suspected. You were any kind of reproductive threat" harry says stepping towards Enzo

"But she doesn't know yet, she doesn't know yet" they say making enzo confused

"She's the queen of beasts at this beastly school" ginny says coming round the corner

"Gotta keep things cool with the apex predator" Hermione and ginny shout at enzo.

Mattheo spotted Enzo looking over at you "y/n, that nerd is starting at you again"

"matt he's not a nerd he's really nice" you say smiling over at enzo as he smiled back at you

"will she braid your hair" ginny says making enzo look at her

"will she eat your heart?" ron says as enzo looks at him

"how can you outsmart, The apex predator?" Enzo said

"The apex predator" ron replied

"The apex predator" enzo says admiring you from afar, he knew no matter what it would take he would end up with you.

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