How i think they'd take off your bra

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Theodore Nott

He'd tease his finger along the edge of your bra, cupping your breasts while pushing your bra out of the way. It would literally take him one swift motion and your bra would be on the floor.


Tom Riddle

You're making out and you wrap your arms around his neck and suddenly a cold presence is on your back making you jump forward into him a bit as the hands started working its way up to your bra clasp, then it's off. This man would have the coldest of cold hands.

Mattheo Riddle

He would mostly ignore it and get into your panties first. You'd have to remove the bra for him and only then will he pay attention to your chest. It's not that he doesn't care or wants you to keep it on he's just in feral mode when you guys get freaky and desperately want to be inside you.

Draco Malfoy

He'd try to just pulling your bra up and over your head like he did your shirt. His mind is mush since he's about to get laid and he doesn't have time to think about tiny clasps or how bras work in general. But you stop him and unclasp it as he rips it away.

Blaise Zabini

He reaches both hands back fiddling with the tiny claps between his large fingers. Once it's off he throws it behind him never seeing it again. Then he's pushing you onto the bed and getting your skirt or whatever you have on off.
Lorenzo Berkshire

Makes a whole show of having you turn around and kisses your neck and shoulders while teasing the strap of the bra. He slowly unclasps it and then pushes the staps down your shoulders. He loves to do it while you stand in front of a mirror so he can watch as your breasts come into view while the bra slips off you and drops down to the floor.

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