the library - b.z

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Y/n Sawyer / Blaise Zambini
Warning: Female receiving, public eating out , swearing
Word count: 607 words
"My loveee" Blaise whined as he walked over to his girlfriend doing her makeup
"What babe" Y/n said
"Can you please come to the library with me and stop doing your makeup" Blaise said snuggling his neck into Y/n neck. She looked at him in the mirror "Blaise i've got to help my sister revise i'm sorry" She said. "That's later though pleaseeeee" Blaise whined again.

Y/n couldn't help herself she knew something always went down when they went to the library and she gave in.
"Fine let's go" She said.

They walked to the library hand in hand Blaise shooting people dirty looks if they checked his girlfriend out or even looked at her.

Once at the library they got to a table with no one on at the back of the library. She decided to get some books that would help her sister out but Blaise had other ideas he grabbed her by her waist and sat her up on the table.

"Blaise i wanna get books to help my sist-" Y/n said but was cut off by Blaise pulling her into a deep, rough romantic kiss. "Blaise" she managed to moan out. "Hmmm princess you do things to me no one could ever do" he said.

"You can help your sister but let me please you first" Blaise said before kissing her jawline and her neck he knew where her sweet spot was so straight away he went to it (behind her ear but still on her neck). She gasped loudly. "blaise" she breathed out "shh princess we don't want people hearing you" He said before going back to kissing her neck and slowly moved his hand up her thigh towards her thong under her skirt.

"Beg for me baby girl" he said teasing her. "Please Blaise please i need you" She begged. "Good girl" he said before slipping two fingers into her "Already so wet for me" he whispered.

He curled his finger in a slow motion hitting all the right spots. She had to put her hand over he mouth to stop herself moaning loudly and getting them caught.

"B-blaise i'm close" she said quietly. He laughed and stopped fingering her, "S-seriously" she said out of breath.

"Yes seriously" he said as he stood up and kissed her before putting his hand over her mouth and getting on his knees in front of her, "i want to taste you as you come for me" he said before going down on her.

She moaned. He laughed into her and it made her jolt her hips up. He grabbed hold of her thighs and pushed her down hard onto the table. She put he her hand in Blaise's hair occasionally grabbing it.

"Blaise...yes. i'm so close" She said before he started rubbing her clit with his fingers, she grabbed his hair again. She moaned one last time before coming onto his mouth.

He stood up and kissed her. "You are the fucking best" she said before fixing her thong, "ha babe look at ur neck" he said handing her the mirror she always carries. "Now everyone knows i'm yours" she said pulling him down by his tie into a kiss. "mmm don't set me off again" he said. She laughed as he grabbed a book for her then they walked out the library like nothing happened.
I hope you enjoyed this, i'm going to do a couple how the slytherin boys would react for a bit then some more imagines xx

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