Sexy Fighter - t.n

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Y/n Riddle x Theodore Nott

Warnings - Mentions of fighting, smoking, smut (male pleasure)

Word count -  614 words


Theo was frantically running around Hogwarts trying to find his beloved girlfriend.

"YO THEO" Mattheo yelled from outside the court yard "SHE'S OUT HERE!", Theo ran out into the courtyard to see his girlfriend blooded nose and bleeding lip she was being held back by her brother Tom Riddle they were facing a girl whose nose was broken and bloodied and a busted lip .

"Tom let me take her, ill clean her up.." Theo said before Y/n got handed to him and he dragged her back to their shared dorm before closing the door and slamming her against it.
"You are so hot when you fight and are all blooded up, but i hate seeing my princess all hurt." he said as she apologised.

"Don't apologise it's fine she deserved it anyway let's tidy you up" He said as he grabbed a wet towel and dapped it on her nose. She winced. "sorry my love"

Once he had cleaned her up fully she got off the counter and slammed him into the door. "Woah mi amor what's up" he asked "you helped me out how i'm going thank you" she said before getting on her knees unbuckling his belt and pulling down his trousers to reveal his bulge she slowly pulled down his boxers, he put his hand in her hair before she teased his tip.

He had enough with being teased so he pushed down her head as she took his full length, "baby you take me so well" he said as he pulled her hair up into a messy bun and holding it there.

She moved up and down his full length occasionally grazing him with her teeth which made him melt into her.

"Princess i'm so close" he moaned as she quickened her pace gagging a little as he hit the back of her throat.

"yes mi amor i love you so much" he moaned loudly. She laughed a little as he was so loud.

He came in her mouth, she waited until everything was in her mouth then took him out her mouth. "Swallow
princess." he ordered so she did as she stood up. He wiped a drip that was on the corner of her mouth before he kissed her and took her over to the bed and pushed her on it before ripping her clothes off and pushing himself inside her wet pussy. "So wet for me" he said as she moaned.

He quickened his pace pushing himself deep into her they both moaned loudly for each other as the changed position. Y/n was now a on top. She moved up and down his full length, he jolted his hips up occasionally holding tightly onto her waist.

"T-theo i'm close" Y/n moaned. "So am i gorgeous" he whimpered.

After a few more minutes they both came together they panted together before both falling down onto the bed.

Theo got up and grabbed some boxers and a shirt for Y/n to wear he threw them to her and she caught them. "Thank you handsome" she said. "Your welcome gorgeous" he replied pulling boxers on and getting back in bed.

"You okay?" he asked "Yea you?" she asked "yea" he said turning the tv on and pulling her into a cuddle.

He pulled the back of her shirt up and rubbed her back as she drew shapes on his bare chest.

"I love you mi amor" he said kissing her forehead. "I love you too bello" she said as they cuddled together.

bello is handsome in Italian x

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