You catching them pleasuring themselves

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Warning : ig a little smutty

Word count : 1663 words

Sorry if there are mistakes i made this at 4am


         Theodore Nott

Your little brother came up to you saying how Theodore had pranked him and his friends by putting frogs spawn in their shoes.

You and Theo had always been enemies, but recently you had noticed a bit of tension, you two went to a slytherin party a month ago and he ended up pinning you against a wall and was about to kiss you when Mattheo interrupted you two by crashing into the drink table.

You went to confront him, you stormed your way over to his dorm. "fuck knocking" you said to yourself as you walked through the common room straight up to his dorm.

You slammed open the door "the-" you paused when you saw him with his head thrown back and his boxers round his ankles "fuck y/n/n" he said his hand stroking his dick groaning as he got closer to release.

You coughed making him turn around and cover his hard dick. "fucking hell y/l/n" he yelled. "i umm wanted to you know what ill come ba-" you began to say but then he stood up still holding his dick.

"look it's exactly what you think" he said attempting to pull his boxers up and succeeding. You looked down and saw his bulge and back up at him, he was towering over you. You couldn't help but look at his lips and then at his beautiful blue eyes staring back into yours.

You bit your lip as his hand tucked hair behind your ear and he leaned down kissing you. It was a soft kiss at first then slowly became a deep make out, "theo" you moaned as he made his way to your neck "your not meant to like me" he spoke against your neck "no, no it's that i don't mm you aren't meant to like me" you said

"well i do like you..more than like y/n" he said stopping and towering over you again

"why don't you show me." you said dragging your head down his chest down to his dick making him smile and pushing you back onto his bed. And you two ended up fucking, which continued to happen for months.

            Tom Riddle

You were failing potions. again. And your teacher told you that you needed to get a tutor or study harder, the only person you knew who was a good tutor was your enemy Tom Riddle.

You went to his dorm knocking on his large wood door but no answer that's when you opened it and walked straight in.

"tom?" you said quietly

"fuck yes...ugh..princess" you heard him moaning, "what the fuck" you said under your breath.

You walked to his bathroom which is where he was standing at the counter with his joggers down to his knees and his boxers in the middle of his thighs. His veiny hand running up and down his long, hard cock.

"y/n keep sucking me like that" he moaned

"Tom" you said making his head shoot up and pull his boxers up quickly and his joggers.

He walked up to you getting close "that was not what you think" he said in a threatening tone.

"that was kinda hot" you said smiling as tom stood tall. "i heard what you said tom, suck me like that" you mimicked him, you watched his jaw clench.

"you know i came over here to ask if you could tutor me but i have a better idea" you said biting your lip and slowly getting down on your knees

"fuck me this is perfect" he said pulling his boxers down again and putting your into a messy bun before you took his still hard cock into your mouth.

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