Waking up in theos bed after a party - enemies

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Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex
Word count : 389 words

You woke up to a weight you your chest with fluffy hair in your hand. You looked down and saw Theodore Nott laying on your chest with just boxers on.

You realised you had his boxers and his quidditch shirt on. "holy fuck" you said causing Theo to wake up you tried getting up but he wrapped his arms tighter around you making you smirk a little.

"did we actually do something " you asked as theo looked up at you

"don't you remember sweetheart, we were screaming each others names" he said flipping you two over so your straddling his waist and sits up so you slide down to on top of his dick which started to get hard.

"We fucked all night two rounds princess" he said as you started to get wet before his hand slid down your body from your cheek all the way down to you clit. He started slowly rubbing it "round 3 darling?" he asked before you smiled and kissed his lips. "yes" you say as you kiss down his neck and move down to his stomach making marks

you get to his boxers and look up at him before he nods giving you permission to pull his boxers down revealing his hard dick you tease his tip before taking him into your mouth. His hand goes to your hair grabbing it up into a bun as he pushes your head down making you take is dick further

"y/n/n i'm gonna cum" he says right as you let go of his dick

"you bitch..i'm gonna fuck you so hard now doll" he says before you can even think of a response your thrown onto your back getting your hands tied together with his tie that was on the floor and he enters you "ughh theo fuck" you say as you get used to his length.

Both of you moaning messes as theo finishes then moments later you finish too.

"y/n/n you know i've been thinking" he says

"what about theo" you say

"do you want to be my girlfriend" he asks throwing you his quidditch jersey

"ofc i will theo" yiu sys putting it on before kissing him
sorry it's not as good i'm just trying to upload xxx

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