Them giving you head (eating you out) part 2

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Warning: eating out
Word count: 790 words

this part is the other 3 boys x

A/n : Quick question, how would you guys feel if i did the interlinked trend with some of the slytherin boys, i keep seeing them and let me know who you want to see the trend with 💞
           Draco Malfoy

You had been teasing draco all day you started off by wearing a small skirt and then a low cut top, then you started bending over in from of him and "accidentally" brushing your hand against his dick.

You were lying in bed with short shorts on reading a book when the door flung open. You sat up and saw an angry draco at the door.

"you have been teasing me all day and you need your be punished" he said as he walked over to the end of the bed and pulled you by your ankles.

You dropped your book as draco pulled down your shorts and underwear, you had no time to say anything as his lips made contact with your clit kissing it at first then he circled it with his tongue.

You bit your lip and he licked in between your folds, your hand moved to his hair as he sucked on your clit, "dray" you moaned as his hand slipped under your shirt and grabbed your tit squeezing it lightly while the other hand ran up your thigh towards your cunt, he slipped two fingers into you and pulsed them in and out.

You loudly moaned, you didn't actually acknowledge how loud it was it was only when he laughed against your clit did you realise. His laughing caused a vibrating and made the knot in your stomach build.

"i'm gonna come" you moaned as he sucked hard on your clit them stopped everything.

"dray..don't" you looked at him with begging eyes.

"not until you've learned your lesson" he said

"yes..yes i have" you were on the verge of tears you just wanted to release but instead he was teasing you.

"good" he said unbuckling his belt "but it's not my fingers or mouth your gonna come all over" he said and pulled off his trousers revealing his hard cock.

"it's my cock" he said inserting it and thrusting into you.

          Blaise Zabini

He backed you up against the wall "so you think you could have me?" he said running his hand up your chest and grabbing your throat

"i mean, couldn't i?" you replied

"fuck" he whispered "let's test that" he said getting on his knees and pulling down your joggers and underwear.

His hands rubbed up the back of your thighs and grabbed your ass making you close your eyes.

You felt Blaise lick in between your folds and his tongue slipped inside you. He moved his tongue around inside you before he pushed is fingers into you and found your g-spot instantly.

He pumped his fingers faster while sucking on your clit he felt you tighten around his fingers and he sped them up while sucking harder.

"mmm" you moaned as he came on his fingers.

He licked them clean which you can't deny was fucking hot he then stood up and kissed you "told you princess didnt i" he smiled as you bit your lip.

You led him over to the bed and he sat down as you crouched between his legs unbuckling his belt.

He looked down and bit him lip knowing tonight would be good.
       Lorenzo Berkshire

Enzo lives by if you pleasure him then he'll pleasure you.

You were in the shower and heard the door open and a towel drop in the floor, before you felt two arms wrap around your wait.

"hey baby" he said to you

"hii" you replied turning around to face him, he leaned down and kissed you, his lips moving down to your neck sucking lightly on it as his hand gripped your ass.

His knees started to bend and they hit the shower floor, he lifted your leg and placed it on his shoulder as his fingers rubbed your clit slowly.

"enzo" you moaned as his fingers slipped into you, he continued to suck on your clit as your hand pulled on his wet hair.

Your head flung back as he curled his fingers up against your g-spot, you moaned as you felt your self on the edge of release.

"enzo..i'm gonna come" you moan as you release all over his fingers. He licked them clean and stood up again his hands trailing up your body, you knew he wouldn't ask for head so you got down on your knees without him asking. "good girl" he said holding up your wet hair.

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