Don't tell my brother - t.n + m.r

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warnings - threesome, smut, mentions of smoking

Words : 1237

Potions class was dragging when finally Slughorn said something interesting. "If you are done come round here and line up ready to smell the amortentia".

The whole class lined up around his table and on by one went up and said what they smelt. Theo was up next "i smell...a secret perfume and cigarettes.." he instantly knew it was you since you made the perfume and only person who had it.

You looked down knowing if your brother knew his bestfriend smelt you he would be pissed at theo. Your turn was next. "umm i smell cologne..cigarettes umm vodka and burning paper...vanilla-" you gasped why were there so many smells everyone else got 2 or 3 different sents you got 5.

Mattheo was last. "i smell...strong perfume and cigarettes" he walked silently back to the line. "well two of you with the same sent lucky girl" slughorn laughed closing the lid.

Theo and Mattheo had smelt you.

Later Theo and Mattheo were sitting on the common room sofa talking about how they both smelt you in their potion.

"how can we both have her scent" theo said

"i seriously don't know, i would ask tom but he's tell draco" mattheo said

"you know matt i think we've got to do something about this" theo winked

"i think you think theo" mattheo said smirking.

You walked into the common room after having a smoke on the astronomy tower. Theo and Mattheo both looked at you as you walked past them and up the stairs to your dorm.

"Come on" Theo said

They walked into your dorm and sat down on the end of your bed, not saying anything.

You were reading a smutty book about a girl, her boyfriend and his best friend having a threesome. Mattheo snatches the book out of your hands "hey what the fuck" you said

"hmmm i think we could do that don't you Theo" Mattheo said handing Theo the book.

"Yea i believe we can" Theo said standing up putting the book on your dressing table

you stood up to get your book "what are two on ab-" you paused remembering what page you were on.

Theo was standing in front of you when suddenly he grabbed your neck and kissed your lips passionately as Mattheo laughed standing up.

Theo moved his hand to one side of your waist and Mattheo grabbed the other side of your waist before he started to kiss your neck. Kisses slowly turned to sucking and biting.

They swapped places so now Mattheo was passionately making out with you as Theo sucked on the other of your neck.

Mattheos hand slipped into your joggers before pulling away from the kiss "can i?" he asked as uou nodded.

Mattheo pulled your thong to the side before pushing two fingers inside you, you moaned into the kiss causing Mattheo to smile pulling away so theo could take your shirt off. "wow so beautiful" Theo said as he pulled a condom out from his pocket and pulled down his trousers revealing a large bulge in his boxer.

You got close to realise and Mattheo knew this so he stopped. "Seriously matt" you said "only good girls cum" he said pushing you towards theo who was now standing up.

"knees." theo demanded making you bite your lip. Mattheo was sitting on your gaming chair unbuckling his belt before getting out his big hard dick and ran his hand up and down it as he saw you take Theo's hard dick into your mouth.

"hmm good girl" theo said as he grabbed your hair into a bun and pushed your head deeper down his length.
Occasionally you licked is tip.

Mattheo was sitting in the chair wanking to you sucking dick. Theo finished in your mouth with a moan. And mattheo finished in his hand going to your bathroom to wash it off.

"Come here princess, time to ride me" Mattheo said making your heart skip a beat. You pulled your joggers off and he pulled off your thong.

You put a condom on mattheos hard dick before straddling his lap.

Mattheo unclipped your bra in one swift motion. "i want those big tits of yours to bounce in my face" he said

You looked at him smiling before you slowly pushed down onto him.

"that's it i know you can take me" he said as your moaned from this length he put his hands on your waist before you started to move up and down.

He helped you move up and down as you looked around to theo who was wanking to the sight of your using theo.

"mmm good girl" mattheo moaned.

"Matt i'm so close" you said as he made you finish at the same time as him.

At this point you could feel your legs shaking but you didn't care. "Come over here baby girl" Theo said as you walked towards him before he put you in doggy style and the end of the bed.

Mattheo walked over and stood in front of you taking off the condom and throwing it in the bin as Theo got a clean condom on before slipping into your tight wet cunt causing you to moan at his length. He was a bigger than Mattheo but Mattheo was a little thicker.

Your bra was already taken off by mattheo when you were riding him.

Mattheos cock went into your mouth and theo's was pounding in and out of you.

All three of you were moaning messes. Theo was pounding harder and deeper into you which cause Mattheos dick to go deeper into your throat hitting the back of it.

After a few more deep trusts you finished as mattheo finished in your mouth and theo finished before pulling out and taking off the condom.

"Fuck that was so fucking good" you said getting your shirt back on as theo got his boxers back on and mattheo got his shirt on.

"yea we had doubts you'd want to do that but you proved us wrong" theo said as he kissed you.

"yea might want to cover those up" mattheo laughed pointing to your neck "just so your brother doesn't see"

"i will yea" you smiled

"i'm gonna get going"
mattheo said "you okay after all that?" he asked you planting a kiss on your forehead

"yea thanks" you said smiling as he walked out the door.

"then there where two" theo said making you smile.

"wanna smoke?" you asked

"of course" theo said taking one as you went over you your windowsill which you made into a seat almost. You opened the window and sat with your legs dangling.

"woah that's cool who did that?" he asked my window barley opens. "My dad did he knew i'd smoke in here so he made a bigger window" you said as you lit your cigarette.

Theo lit his and put his arm around you and smiled.

"didn't think you'd be the romantic type Theodore nott" you said

"well y/n malfoy. i can be very romantic" he said smiling

"not gonna lie, i thought i'd just be one of your hook ups" you said looking at him.

"and i thought i'd be one of yours too" he said smiling before kissing you again.

"this could you somewhere"
he said "it could" you replied.

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