19. Beach fun

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Kian's POV
I make my way through the bar and take a seat next to Cameron. "Hey dude." He turns to me. "Hey. You okay?" I ask him. "Of c..course? I'm fine." He slurs and almost falls out of his seat at the bar. "Whoa." I catch him and he starts laughing. "I think you've had enough." I pat his shoulder and take the shot from in front of him and down it. "You don't tell me when I've had enough." He slurs and I roll my eyes. "So why'd you decide to get wasted anyways?" I try changing the subject even though I'm almost 100 percent sure that it has to do with Jessica leaving. "Jessica left me for him." He spits and I shake my head. "She didn't leave you for anyone. And besides you two were never in an actual relationship, she was still seeing Austin when you two met. So technically she couldn't of left you if she was never with you." I point out and he scoffs. "Fuck you Kian." He stands up and begins swaying as if he's going to fall over. I roll my eyes at his remark as he steadies himself. "Come on." I pull his, guiding him out of the dark bar. "Where are we going?" He slurs from behind me and nearly trips over his feet. "Away from here, your wasted as shit." I tell him and continue dragging him out.
Jessica's POV
I am beyond pissed at Austin. Who the fuck does he think he is lying to me about something like that? I can't believe I dated him this long, he was always such an ass. Why didn't I ever just dump him? Because he's so hot, that's why. When we were together at school people would notice me more. Goodness I'm so fucking dumb. When we first got together sophomore year he wasn't like this but when it hit junior year he changed, drastically.
"Excuse me. Do you have any rental phones? I just need one until I have my other phone repaired." I ask a short young lady in the middle of the mall. "Yes, ma'am." Ma'am? Oh well. She walks into the back of the store and brings out a box full of smaller boxes with phones. "All of these have payment plans. You'll have to pay $25.00 a month." She smiles at me and I sift through the box. I come across a rather old blackberry flip phone. After staring at it for a couple of minutes I give in and purchase it. I sign papers after papers and set up all of my information. "Would you like to transfer your old number to this one?" The lady asks me and I mentally debate it before declining. I don't want Austin to try and get a hold of me, ever. Minutes later the lady who's name I've learned as Samantha smiles at me. "All done. If you have any questions please feel free to call me anytime." She hands me a small buissness card and I shove it in my back pocket. "Thank you." I smile back and praticaly run out of the store and hop into my car. I need to text Cameron.
Cameron's POV
My thoughts are jumbled when I wake up the next morning in my apartment, on the floor. "Nash!" I stand up and yell for Nash. No reply, he must not be home. "Uggh." I groan when my head starts pounding. I wonder if anyone has heard from Jessica yet. I pull my phone out of my pocket and open my text messages. The first number shown wasn't in my contacts so I have no idea who it is. I open up the messages from that number and begin reading over them.

Unknown: Listen here you prick. Stay the fuck away from my girlfriend or your dead. Got it?

It shows that I did in fact respond but I don't remember it.

Me: Shwt te fucek u0p. Strry 2 tqll u thias but I alregdy habe your girl.

Man I must've been totally wasted last night.

Unknown: Watch what you say to me and learn how to spell dumbass.

What the literal fuck? She must've talked to him. Damn it! I hope she didn't

Seconds later my phone goes off and snaps me out of my thoughts.

Unknown: Hey, its Jessica. Call me when you get this, please.

I immediately call the number that she texted me from and she picks up on the 3rd ring. "Hello?" She greets me. "Hello." I reciprocate. "Do you have time to talk?" She breathes into my ear. "Yeah, what's up?" I nod even though she can't see me. "He lied." She says flatly. "What are you taking about?" I ask confusingly. "Austin lied. My brothers fine." She tells me and I ball my fists up. "What the hell do you mean he lied?" I yell into the mouthpiece. "He missed me so he wanted me to come home." I stay silent. "I broke up with him, Cameron." Hey voice echoes in my ears. I take a few minutes before speaking up. "What does this mean for us?" I ask her cautiously. "Honestly? I don't know." She sighs. "Well it may not be the right time for this but maybe we can go on a date when you get back, a real date. Not the movie set." I laugh. "Cameron.. I umm I'm not.. Not coming back." She strutters. "What? Why the fuck not? That dick lied to you and you want to stay there?" I panic. "I don't have the money for a plane ticket." She sighs again. "Fuck that. I'll pay for a damn ticket." I chuckle. "I'll call you later, okay?" She says and I can tell she trying to dismiss the conversation. "Okay. I'll call you first thing tomorrow morning." And the line goes dead. Fuck.
Alexis's POV
Jc suggested for us to go to the beach and I could not be more thrilled. I need to take my mind off things.

When we get to the beach it's chaotic. Girls are everywhere screaming and within minutes we're surrounded. "Sorry guys, I didn't know they knew I was coming here." JC apologies. We try pushing through the crowd but its no use, there's over 100 people crowded around us. "Where's Jessica?" "Where's Kian?" "Who the fuck is that?" I hear voices yell and I wish I could shrink and hide. "Ow." I shreik when I feel something hit me in the head. I look around me and I don't see JC, Dakota or Emily anywhere. "Guys!" I wave my arms frantically. Girls are all around me, yelling, screaming, throwing stuff and kicking at my legs. "This bitch is so dumb." One rather large girl screams in my face and a shorter girl nods next to her. "Let's just do it already." Someone from the back of the crowd yells and then everything went black.

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