10. Beach meet and greet

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Jessica's POV
When I wake up the next morning I instantly smile. Yesterday was like a dream that I'll never forget. I'm too tired to get out of bed right now so I grab my phone and go through my twitter feed. I favorite a few tweets and go on my home page to tweet. When I do I realize I've gained over 300 followers. I look on the girls twitters and they've all gained followers too. That's odd. I begin to tweet to my old and new followers. @JessicaThompson: "So blessed to be with my best friends in LA." Within seconds I'm receiving notification after notification. This is crazy. My phone buzzes repeatedly and I hardly notice when I get a text. Its from Sammy.

Sammy: Hey jess. How are you guys?

Me: Hey Sammy, were good. Thanks so much for doing this!

Sammy: No problem.

Me: You should be texting her, not me.

I text him referring to Alexis. He told her just last week that he likes her and he hasn't talked to her since.

Sammy: I know, I'm just nervous.

Me: You didn't hear it from me but Alexis is head over heels for you Sammy.

Sammy: Don't tease me like that.

Me: I wasn't just saying that to be funny.

Sammy: Wait, Alexis likes me? No way!

Me: Yup. Please just text her, not now of course because she's still asleep but soon. Okay?

Sammy: Okay. Thanks Jess, love you.

Me: Love you too.

It was refreshing to hear from somebody back home, especially Sammy. I miss him, and my mom and dad. Alexis stirs in her sleep when a door down the hall from us shuts. One of the guys must be taking a shower. I get another text except this one is from Emily.

Emily: Me and Dakota are hungry. Wanna go down and get breakfast?

Me: Sure. Let me wake Lex up.

Somehow I manage to get Alexis up and dressed and meet Emily and Dakota in the hall. "Let's go." Alexis says Still half asleep and we all start laughing. We head down the stairs and into to the kitchen to find a shirtless Jc. "Goodmorning." He greets us and we all reply with multiple 'mornings'. Were much more comfortable here then we were yesterday. Once we got past truth or dare it was like we were all already friends. "You ladies can go ahead and eat. When your done you should all go get dressed if your going with us." He says. "Go where?" Dakota asks him. "Me and Kian are going to the beach to meet up with some other YouTubers. Part of the contest was chilling with us and well to us, that's chilling." He smiles. Me and the girls glare at each other for a few seconds. "Yeah sure we'll go." I tell him and walk to the pantry to grab some cereal. The girls all start getting other stuff like milk, bowls, spoons. "Okay cool. We leave in an hour so be ready." He instructs and we start eating.
Alexis's POV
An hour later me and the girls are ready and were waiting on kian and JC. "Is it weird that 2 weeks ago we'd be all together at one of our houses and now were going to the beach with famous YouTubers to meet up with more famous YouTubers?" Jessica asks us. "Yup." We answer her. It is weird, odd but very exciting. "Hey are you guys ready?" Kian comes down the stairs followed by Jc. "Yes. We've only been waiting on you for 20 minutes." I tease him and he flicks me off.
"Thats rude Mr. Lawley." I tease him further and he just shakes his head, but I see the hint of a smile on the side of his lips. "Two of you will have to ride with me and the other two with JC. We can't all for in one car." Kian tells us. "Who's with me?" He turns to the four of us. "Umm." We all look at each other. "You two come on." Kian points at me and jess and we follow him out the door.
*Skips car ride, now at the beach*
Kians POV
When me, Jessica and Alexis get to the beach they follow me to where everyone is. I walk over to Andrea and kiss her hello. Jc, Emily and Dakota arrive a couple minutes later. "Whoa dude everyone's here." Jc walks up to us. He's not lying, everyone's here. Me, Andrea, Jenn, Lauren, Arden, Rebecca, Ricky, Connor, Sam, Jack, Cameron, Nash, And Hayes. Thirteen YouTubers, four fans, seventeen of us. Wow, that's a lot for a beach day. "Oh guys, this is Jessica, Alexis, Emily and Dakota." I point to each of the girls as I say their names. "Hey." Multiple voices respond. "I'm sure you know everyone here." I say to them. "You guys can go walk around, or stay here it's up to you." Jc informs them. They all look at each other. They start walking away and Ricky calls after them. "Hey if you girls wanna go with me and Jenn to the froyo place about a mile up the beach, you can come." He suggests to them. "Yeah that'd been cool." Jenn adds and looks at Ricky then back at the girls. They look at each other again, they seem to do that a lot. "Yeah sure." Jessica tells him and Connor speaks up. "I love frozen yogurt, let's go now." He stands up. "Your going?" Jenn raises her eyebrows at him. "Yeah. Why not?" He walks over to where the girls are standing. "Okay, well let's go." Ricky stands up and so does Jenn. "I'm Connor." Connor smiles at the girls again. "Yeah we know." Emily stares at the ground. Ricky joins them "Shall we ladies?" Ricky looks up at Alexis through his lashes and I find myself pissed at him.
Andrea's POV
I don't really like the girls all that much, they think their all that. Truth or dare last night was crazy. Their rebellious girls, yes but still tragically annoying. When Jenn, Jessica, Alexis, Emily, Ricky and Connor all leave everyone starts talking.
"Whoa Jc, you didn't say how fucking hot they are." Nash hits his palm on his for head in a dramatic display. "Sorry dude." He laughs. "I mean fuck. What'd you say her name was? Dakota? Shes... very attractive." Nash continues. "Omg can you stop gawking over them? Their just stupid girls who won a contest. Their only staying for a month anyways." I spit at the two of them and Arden and Elizabeth try to calm be down. "Chill out girl." Jack smiles at me and I flip him of. "Babe, really calm down." Kian whispers in my ear, I nudge him away and his body softly shakes with laughter.
Dakotas POV
We all walked for about 20 minutes until we came to a tiny hut with a sign that read 'Fro yo, fo yo mouth.' "How cheesy." Jessica laughs and Connor joins her. "I know right. Like hello, get a new sign." He bellows with laughter. "What flavors do you guys want? It's on me." Ricky offers. How sweet. We all tell him our flavors and wait for the man behind the hut to get them all ready. When we get our yogurt we start heading back to where everyone is at. I take it upon myself to look at all of us. Jessica and Connor seem to be hitting it off, as do Alexis and Jenn. "You guys are so funny. We should make a video sometime." Jenn suggests and we agree. "That'd be cool." I say casually but I was secretly freaking out.
Emily's POV
When we finally get back to everyone Cameron, Lauren, Nash, jack, Arden, and Elizabeth were playing dodgeball. Andrea, Kian, Sam, and Jc were no where in sight. "Lets play volleyball." Connor gushes. "Okay." Me and Alexis say in unison. "Cam, guys come here!" Jenn called all of them over to us. "Y'all down for volleyball?" She asks them. "Yeah. Who's captains?" Nash looks around. "Me for sure." Cam raised his hand but no one protested. "Me too." Hayes tries raising his hand higher than cams. "Okay, you pick first dork." Cam teases him. "Um, Arden." He picks. "Jessica." Cam chooses jess first and I smirk at her when she walks over to stand next to him. "Good pick. But your not gonna win." Hayes laughs and Jessica swats at his arm. "Let's see about that." She jokingly pushes his shoulder, Hayes chuckles even more. They continue picking teams and its me, Arden, Jack, Ricky, Hayes, and Connor against Jess, Alexis, Dakota, Cameron, Nash, Jenn and Lauren. "This'll be fun. Your serve." Nash chucks the ball at Hayes and we begin playing. By the end of the game all of us are exhausted so we decide to just chill. "You guys sure know how to play volleyball." Jack compliments me, jess, Alexis and Dakota. "We live in Florida, what did you expect?" Alexis laughs at him. "You live in Florida, I've always wanted to go there." Lauren gasps. "You can always visit us when we go back." Dakota tells her. "Deal." She holds her hand out and they shake hands and we burst out laughing at Laurens desperation. The rest of the evening continues like this, all of us messing around and just teasing each other, and then night fall approaches. I feel like I've known everyone here for years. Their all so open. Eventually we have to go but Kian and Jc aren't back from where ever they ran off to, and their our rides. "Where are Kian and JC?" I ask aloud. "I don't know. Why?" Cameron looks at me. "Their our rides back." As the words leave my mouth jc comes into view. "You guys ready?" He turns to me and Dakota and we nod our heads. "Let's go." He instructs. "What about Kian? Jess and Lex need rides back." Nash tells him. "We can take them back, it's on our way." Cameron assures us and we don't object. It's Cameron freaking Dallas
*Skips car ride, now getting dropped off*

Jessica's POV
"Well today was fun, we should hang out again soon." Cameron explains when me and Alexis get our of the car. "Yeah we should. Thanks for the ride" Lex nods once at him and they begin pulling away and we wave until their out of sight. "Gah! Cameron is so hot!" I yell when I get inside. "He's totally into you girl. I saw the way he was looking at you." We start walking up to our room. Jc, Emily and Dakota are probably already in bed sleeping, we stopped by McDonalds on our way here so we got home way after them. "That's crazy! He's a famous YouTuber and not to mention actor. He doesn't like me." My phone vibrates in my back pocket when I open our bedroom door. I pull it out and look at the icon that tells me I have a twitter notification.
@CameronDallas: "great time with @JessicaThompson and @NashGrier" and there was an attachment. A picture of me and Nash laughing at one another when I hit him in the head during volleyball. I jump on my bed and let out a scream into my pillow.

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