26. Movie Premiere

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Jc's POV
Later that day me and Emily decided we should go back home. We stayed at a hotel so we could have some alone time. "Jc?" Emily speaks up from the passanger seat. "Yeah?" I look over at her. "What happened to everyone last night? Cameron fought Sam Pepper, Dakota and Sam Pottorff had sex, me and you...you know. And I haven't heard from Jessica or Alexis." She tells me. "I haven't either." I inform her and we get out of the car when we pull up to the house. "I'll text Alexis you text jess." She instructs and I agree. "Okay." I pull my phone out of my pocket and scroll through my contacts to find Jessica.

Me: Hey, jess. Where are you? Just checking up. Haven't heard from you in a while.

When we get in the house Dakota, Alexis and Kian are all sitting on the couch. "Oh. I was just about to text you." Emily tells Alexis and sits next to her. "What happened to y'all last night?" She asks and I sit down next to her, wrapping my arms around her.
"Well I supposedly had sex with Sam last night." Dakota sighs and Emily nods. "I know. Sam told me." Em says and Dakota's eyes widen. "He told you!?!" Dakota yells and Emily shrieks from the pitch in her voice. "Damn. All he did was ask if you were home and I said yes, that you were the only one here. And he said that's good, we'll need it. I kind of our the pieces together." Emily shrugs. "Wait, you and Sam had sex? Does Cody know?" Alexis gapes at Dakota. "No. I know I need to tell him, and I will. I'm just waiting for the right time." Dakota sighs once again. "Can't we take the spotlight off of me? What about you Alexis? What happened to you last night?" Dakota looks up at Alexis. "Um. Nothing much actually. I just hung out with Jenn mostly." Alexis says and my phone goes off seconds later.

Jessica: On my way home.

Me: Okay, see you soon.

"Jessica texted me, she's on her way home." I inform everyone and they all nod. "What happened with her anyways?" Kian asks and I lean up on the couch. "Nash told me she saw it, the fight. She was there when it happened." I tell him and he shakes his head "Wait what? She saw it? Oh shit! I'd be so pissed at him." Kian spits. "Why?" Alexis cuts in. "Because he had the nerve to beat somebody up while his girlfriend watched. That's fucked up." Kian points out. "True." Alexis, me and Dakota say in unison.

Cameron's POV
Fuck fuck fuck fuck. What the hell did I do? Why did I have to get involved with that fucking dick? I'm so stupid. What if I just ruined the only good thing I had going for me?

After Jessica left I had to get dressed to go to a movie premiere for my movie "Expelled". I was going to ask her to go with me and now I can't because I had to go and fuck things up. At least I know she'll be there. Kind and Jc told me they are going so she has to come too, unless she stays home. Fuck. I fucked things up big time.

Emily's POV
Me, Kian, Jc, Dakota and Emily are still hanging out in the living room when Jessica walks through the front door. She doesn't say anything, she just walks up to her room. "How'd she get home?" Jc asks and I shrug. "Must've taken a bus." I say. "That's fucked up. Cameron could've at least drive her home." Kian scoffs. "Is she going tonight?" Kian adds. "Going where?" Alexis furrows her eyebrows in confusion. "Cameron has a movie premiere tonight. We're going, is she." He elaborates and stands up. "Oh yeah that's tonight. I don't know. Well talk to her." I tell him and him and Jc walk upstairs to get ready. "Let's go." Dakota motions for us to follow her.

Jessica's POV
I can't believe this. Did he think I wouldn't find out? How could someone as sweet and gentle as Cameron be caught up in something like this?

A knock at the door brings me or of my thoughts. "Come in!" I call and Dakota walks in followed by Alexis and Emily. "Hey Jess." Alexis whispers and sits on the end of my bed. "You wanna talk about what's going on?" Emily asks and I shake my head. "Not yet, I will eventually though." I assure them and they nod. "I know it may not be the best time for this but Cameron's movie premiere is tonight and the boys are going and...." I cut Dakota off. "No, fuck no." I spit. "Come on. Their will be celebrities left and right. Plus Kian and Jc said WE get to walk down the red carpet with them. Obviously Cameron will be there but ignore him and have fun. Your going to be with us, not them." Alexis tries persuading me. "I don't know." I bite my lip anxiously.on! This is a once in a life time opportunity! Come on!" Emily whines dramatically. I think about it before answering. "Uggh. Fine." I groan. "But if he tries talking to me imma kill him." I warn and they laugh.

Nash's POV
"I'm sure she'll be there." I assure Cameron as we get ready for tonight. "How do you know?" He asks and my phone beeps. "Hmm, maybe because Jc just tweeted this." He says and shows me hi s phone.

@JcCaylen: Looking fly with my homies, ready for tonight.

Under the tweet was a picture of Jc, Kian, Jessica, Emily, Dakota, Alexis, Connor Franta and Ricky Dillon, their all laughing in the photo and I can tell by the look on Cameron's face that he's pissed. "Connor and Ricky are going with them?" He hisses at me and I nod. "Yeah man. Kian told me they all rented a limo and wanted to all just hang out together. I'm sure neither of them are going to try and pull a move on jess, calm down." I say, trying to convince him everything i s fine. "Your right." He agrees with me and we continue getting ready.

Alexis's POV
When we get to the venue camera flashes go off repeatedly. We all walk down THE red carpet and the boys stop every other minute to take pictures and sign autographs. This is all so shocking. We walk down the carpet and my movements are haulted by someone grabbing my arm. I turn around and a girl is pulling me back to her. "Can I please get a picture with you?" She begs and I raise my eyebrows. "You want a picture with me?" I want to clarify before I go over there and make a fool of myself. She nods and I smile. "Okay!" I laugh and she pulls her phone out and we take several pictures. "Tag me in that and I'll like it." I smile at her and she starts shaking. "Really?" She strains and I giggle. "Of course." I assure her and I hear Kian call my name. "I have to go but I love you." I say and hug her. "I love you too." She cries and I smile again.

Emily's POV
We all stand in front of the huge sponsor board while paparazzi blind us with their cameras. "Goodness." I squint my eyes and Jc laughs next to me. "It'll be over in a second.

As Jc said Trevor Moran and Sam Pottorff show up and me and the girls decide to let the paparazzi take pictures of just the boys. We walk inside of the venues and its packed. Everywhere you look there's a celebrity or a famous youtuber.

"Holy shit! Is that Justin Bieber?" Alexis squeals next to me and points to the front row of seats. "It is! Why is he here?" She adds. "He hangs out with Matthew Espinosa and Matthew hangs out with Cameron, so Matthew probably invited him." Dakota explain and I nod. "True." Me and Jessica say in unison.

We take our seats and wait for the boys to walk in. While we wait Cameron walks onto the stage and I look down at jess, who is staring at the floor. "Thankyou to everyone who came. Thankyou to my team, without you this wouldn't have been possible. And especially thankyou to the fans, I love you all. I hope you enjoy the first screening of 'Expelled.'" Cameron says into the microphone and the boys walk in taking their seats next to us.

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