40. Face Reality

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Kian's POV
When I wake up I feel something weighing down on me.

I look down at my chest and I see Alexis latched onto me. I smile down at my beautiful girlfriend before kissing her forehead.

I don't want to ruin the moment of having her holding me in her sleep so instead of waking her I pick up my phone from the nightstand next to the bed and I open up Twitter.

Alexis moves slightly on my chest and I open up Snapchat and start to record a video.

"Gooood morning beautiful!" I cheer when Alexis opens her eyes. She smiles lazily and buries her face in my neck. "Kiiiiian!" She whines and the video ends when I kiss her head again.

I post it on to my story and I kiss her cheek. "I love you." I tell her and she smiles into my shoulder.

"I love you." She says and the words sound amazing coming off of her full lips.

"What do you want to do today?" I ask her and she shrugs. "I don't know, but I do know that I need coffee, now." Her eyes widen in seriousness and I laugh at her reaction.

"Okay, lets go get some coffee then." I suggest and she nods, standing up from the bed.

She winces seconds later and I scramble out of bed and stand next to her. "What's wrong?" I question her and she closes her eyes tightly.

"My head is killing me." She grits her teeth and I chuckle at her. "It's not funny Kian!" She pouts and I continue laughing.

"Yes, it is! It's your fault. Remember what you said? 'Its my birthday, I do what I want.'" I quote her words from last night and she rolls her eyes.

"Clearly you decided to get wasted and now since it's not your birthday it looks like I can now do what I want." I laugh and pick her up throwing her on the bed.

She squeals and I kiss her neck. "Kian!" She whines again and I take my shirt off, throwing it across the room.

"You leave in two days, let me have some fun with you." I tease and she smiles.

Seconds later I register what I had just said and I pull away from her quickly.
"What's wrong?" Alexis pants from our make out session, and sits up on the bed. I can't believe she leaves in two days, not just her, all of the girls do.

Alexis's POV
"Fuuuck!" Kian screams out of no where and I jump from the sudden shouting.

"Kian, what's going on?" I ask him again and he balls his fist up and punches the wall next to him.

"Kian!" I yell his name and he turns to look at me. He doesn't say anything and he just continues staring at me.

"Look, whatever it is we can work it out." I assure him. I have no idea what's going on but it's clearly something big if it's bothering him this much.

"Alexis..." He whispers and I jump up from the bed at his soft sob. "Babe, please tell me what's wrong." I beg and walk over to him.

"Don't leave me, please. I can't lose you." He whimpers and I take his hands into me. What is he talking about?

"I'm not going to leave you, Kian. Why would you think..." I trail off and look down at the floor. Florida.

He notices my action and takes my face in between his hands. "I love you so much. Please don't leave me Alexis." He rests his forehead against mine and I close my eyes, my heart exploding at his words.

We stand there, in silence and I take a deep breath. "I don't know what to say." I sigh and he nods along to my words. "I understand, you have a life waiting for you in Florida and I would never want to come in between that but please, please just consider staying here a little longer."

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