22. Dating

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Jessica's POV
The next morning I wake up and check my phone. I have four texts, all from Cameron.

Cameron: Hey beautiful.

Cameron: I just wanted to say good morning.

Cameron: Hope you have a good day.

Cameron: Call me when you wake up.

I call him and he answers immediately.
"Hey gorgeous." He chirps and my cheeks flush. "Hey." I whisper back. "Why are you whispering?" I can practically best the smile on his lips as be speaks. "Alexis if still asleep." I inform him. "What did you need?" I continue. "What? I can't just tell my soon to be girlfriend goodmorning." He snorts and I snicker. "Soon to be girlfriend?" I smirk to myself. "Yep." He says with confindence. "Oh, so your positive I'm going to say yes, right?" I laugh. "Of curse. Honestly if you were to say no I'd probably be devastated." He responds and my heart swells. He always makes me feel amazing about myself. "Oh." I murmer and he laughs. "I kind of also wanted to offer a suggestion." He adds. "What's that?" I put him on speaker phone and walk to my closest to change out of my pajamas. "I think we should get you a car." He says and I run out of my closet. "A car?!? Why!?!" I yell. "So you know you can drive you and the girls places and...maybe you could come to my house sometimes." The end of his sentence is muffled. "What?" I giggle. "Nothing, nothing." He defends and I laugh. "Yeah. So text me later?" He asks. "Sure." I say through my laughter. "Bye babe." He says and hangs up. He's so cute.
Emily's POV
"So I have to tell you guys something." I called Jessica, Dakota, and Alexis into mine and Dakota's room. "What?" Dakota asks and leans in closer. "Me and hc are kind of... You know." I say try hinting to them what I'm talking about. "OH MY GOD! Did you two have sex?!?" Alexis screams in my face and Jessica's mouth is hanging open. "Once! That's it!" I try defending myself. "And you didn't tell us? Since when did you two become a thing?" Jessica questions me. "Since the boardwalk." I answer them. "Wait y'all are all up in my business, what about Jessica and Cameron." I try turning the attention off of me. "Oh yeah." Dakota turns to face her. "It's nothing." She says but I can tell she's lying. We all loo at her and she caves. "Okay. He asked me to be his girlfriend." She says and I smile. "Awe. That's so cute. You guys are so cute." Alexis compliments her. "Thanks. But I don't know what I'm gonna say yet." Jessica informs us. "You have to say yes. He's so sweet and he knows how to treat a girl." Dakota points out. Cameron is a sweetheart. "I'll let you guys know what I say, okay?" Jessica dismisses the topic. Knock knock. Someone knocks on mine and Dakota's bedroom door. "Come in!" I call and Jc opens the door, my cheeks immediately flush and I quickly look down. "Cameron's here, he's asking for you." Jc looks at Jessica. "Me? Why?" Jessica points at herself. "I don't know, c'mon." Jc instructs her and she nods.
Cameron's POV
"Hey man." Kian greets me when I walk in their house. "Hey dude." I wave at him. "Whatchya need?" Jc asks me and jumos up to sit on the counter top. "Are the girls home?" I ask and Kian nods and Jc jumps off the counter. "I'll go get her." He laughs, referring to Jessica. "Thankyou!" I yell at him as he walks down the hallway. "So has Jessica given you an answer yet?" Kian leans on the island separating us two. "No but I'm about to take her to get something to eat and then I'm going to ask her again." I say and he nods. Kian opens his mouth to speak but quickly shuts it when Jessica nd Jc walk into the kitchen. "Hey." She furrows her eyebrows in confusion. "I thought I'd see if you've eaten yet." I tell her and I notice the red rush to her cheeks. "Oh. No I haven't, but I need to change I'll be right back." She says and walks away. "Dude." Kian hits my shoulder when he notices me checking out her ass. "What?" I chuckle.
Jessica's POV
"Where are we going?" I ask from Cameron's passanger seat. "To dinner." He says as if its obvious. I don't respond and instead I turn on the radio. "Ooooh." I clap my hands together when Cameron's song 'She bad' begins playing. "Oh god." He groans and I laugh. "I thought you like your music." I question. "I do. Just not when I have to listen to it in front of a beautiful girl that I'm trying to impress." He says and taos on the steering wheel with his thumbs. I think I'm falling for him. He's sweet, smart, talented, funny and such a gentleman. "Yes." I answer out in the open before my mind can process what my mouth is doing. "Yes what?" He asks, clearly confused. "I'd love to be your girlfriend." I giggle. "Wait seriously?" He looms over at me. "Yeah, of curse." I assure him. "Dammit." Says and looks forward again. I begin panicking. What is he changed his mind and now he just wants to be friends. "What?" I ask cautiously. "I wanted to take you to dinner and properly ask you out. I guess I can't now." He seems disappointed. "I'm sorry I didn't know." I apologize. "No, don't worry about it. It'd be an honor to be called your boyfriend either way." He reaches across the car and grabs my hand, lacing his fingers through mine. I smile down at our joined hands in my lap and then look back out of the window. His songs continues playing and I smile and playfully start singing to it and he begins laughing. "Thankyou." I hear him whisper but I don't ask him to repeat it. I just smile.

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