36. Wasn't expecting that

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Jessica's POV
"Baby, calm down." Cameron whispers from the bed while I pace across the room. "Don't tell me to calm down! He beat up one of my best friends and everyone is acting like it's no big deal!" I yell and he stands up.

"Hey." He steps in front of me and I move to go around him but he grabs my wrist, stopping me. "Look at me." He instructs when I keep my gaze on the floor.

I bring my eyes up to meet his and he takes my hands in his. "We all care jess, it's just not a good idea to add more to the situation." He says. "But.." I begin to say until he cuts me off. "I know you think you have to do something but you don't. You need to worry about keeping that pretty little head of yours out of this mess." He tries making a joke but I just roll my eyes.

He continues staring down at me while playing with my hands. "Come on. Let's go." He speaks up minutes later. "Go where?" I ask and he kisses my cheek. "To the boardwalk." He smirks and I feel my heart flutter.

Dakota's POV
"I didn't mean to do it, I swear." Sam defends himself when Emily and Alexis pound him with questions. "Oh, really? You didn't mean to beat someone up?" Emily scoffs and I look up at the staircase when I see two figures walking down.

"We're heading out." Cameron tells us and Jc and Kian nod. "Duuude, can I come? This is too much drama for me." Nash asks him and Cameron looks down at Jessica next to him. "Sorry man, we just want to hang out today." Cameron apologizes and Nash shakes it off.

I watch as Cameron grabs Jessica's hand and pulls her towards the front door, but Jess turns before walking out and shoots daggers at Sam with her eyes. I can't say he doesn't deserve it but I can't help the anger burning inside of me from her doing it.

Alexis's POV
"I don't know, Kian." I sighed. "Well I'm not saying he deserved it but maybe Dakota shouldn't have toyed with Sam." He says and my eyes widen. "Your saying this is Dakota's fault?!" I yell and he jumps up from his bed. "No, don't get mad at me. I'm just saying." He tries assuring me but I'm still irratated that he'd assume it was Dakota's fault.

"Come on, let's go to bed. It's getting late." He whispers and pulls me to lay on the bed next to him.

I lay still, not knowing what to do. Relief washes through me when he pulls me to lay against his chest.

"I love you, baby." Kian whispers seconds later. "I Iove you too." I smile through my words and his arms tighten around me as he places a kiss on my forehead.

Emily's POV
Jc talked me into crashing early. It's only 10:50 and we're already going to be early to get away from the drama, but as long as he's with me, I don't care.

"What are you staring at ?" Jc snaps me from my thoughts by throwing his t-shirt at me.

I grab it and slide my shirt off, replacing it with his. "Your nice ass." I say sarcastically and he laughs before walking over to me. "Oh really? I do the same to you when your not looking." He smirks and I giggle.

He climbs on top of me, pushing me into the bed and begins kissing my neck. "Jc, we shouldn't be doing this. Not when things are so hectic." I say and he gently bites the skin under my ear.

"Who cares? Your my girlfriend and so I should be able to have you wherever I want you." He growls. I moan and pull at his hair when his teeth graze my collar bone.

I know this is wrong but it feels so right.

Cameron's POV
"Do we really have to go? I don't feel like having cameras all in my face right now." Jess complains and I chuckle. "You'll be fine, I'm here." I assure her and grab her hand, locking our fingers.

She sighs but follows me further into the crowd of people. Flashes go off repeatedly and fans pull at my clothes to get my attention.

"I should've got a body guard." I lean down and whisper into Jessica's ear. "It's okay, come on." She says and pulls me, leading the way to the ferris wheel.

I make it a point to walk slightly behind her, making sure I stay in full view of her ass, all the way there.

I hear the fans in the distance freak out when I 'accidentally' touch Jess's butt. She gasps and pulls me to stand next to her instead of behind her.

I laugh and walk into the small ferris wheel cart, taking a seat with Jess next to me and the worker starts the ride.

"You know, we tend to come here a lot." I point out and pull Jessica to lay against me. "We do." She agrees and I look down at her.
"It's our place." I breath and she smiles. "It is." She agrees again and sits up, planting a kiss on my jaw line.

Sam's POV
What the actual fuck? Everyones mad at me for hitting the prick but yet Dakota was the one who texted me to come here. So why would she get mad at me for defending her.

What the hell am I saying? She's not mine to defend. But I want her to be.

As if on cue, Dakota walks down the stairs and I shoot up from the couch. She looks at me and rolls her eyes, walking past me and into the kitchen.

"What the hell?" I growl, following behind her. And as I suspected she ignores me and I huff, stepping in front of her when she tries leaving again.

"Move." She spits and tries stepping around me but I don't move. "Sam, move!" She demands, more anger behind her words this time. "No. We need to talk." I say and she shakes her head, pushing me out of the way and walking around me.

"Please?" I plea when she begins walking towards the steps. She stops on the third step and truns to face me.

She doesn't say anything and I keep my mouth shut, not wanting to say the wrong thing.

"Talk!" She snaps and I flinch from her sudden remark.

"Look, we need to sit down and just talk about all of this." I suggest and she puts her hands on her hips, holding her ground on staying put on the steps.

"Okay, then." I sigh and take a deep breath before continuing. "I don't know how you'll feel when I tell you this but I have to say it." I say and take another breath. "I..I lik.." I stutter. I decide to stop being a woose and I blurt out whats been on my mind since I've met her. "I like you."

Her eyes widen and I watch as she opens her mouth then closes it, and then she repeats the action. "I don't know what to say." She admits and my stomach is in knots.

"Well, do you..you know feel the same way?" I swallow nervously and she looks me up and down. Suddenly I feel like I'm being evaluated for an interview or something.

"I don't know." She says and darts up the stairs. I stand there, like an idiot. That's not what I was expecting.

Seconds later I hear a door slam and she may as well have put my heart under her shoe and stomped on it.

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