32. Movie Deal

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Cameron's POV
When I wake up the next morning Jessica's head is on my chest and her legs are intertwined with mine. I smile down at her and lean down to kiss her forehead.

Her eyes flutter open from the contact of my lips and I mentally slap myself in the face. I wanted her to continue holding me while she slept. That sounds pathetic as fuck but I don't give a shit.

"Good morning." I whisper and she puts her chin on my chest to where she's looking up at me. "Morning." She half smiles.

She moves to get off of me and I pull her back. "What are you doing?" I ask her and she rubs her neck. "My neck hurts." She reveals and I turn her around slightly, her sitting in between my open legs, her back to my chest.

I rub her neck and she winces before sighing in relief. "Thankyou." She closes her eyes, reveling in the sensation of my hands on her.

I bring my mouth to her neck, alongside my hands and gently suck on the skin. She turns around quickly and crashes her lips onto mine. I kiss back the second her lips part.

She brings her hand to my hair, gently tugging on it and I groan into her mouth. I pull back slightly "I love you." I tell her and watch as her smile lights the dim room. "I love y.." Her sentence is cut short by my phone ringing across the room, in the chair by the corner. She looks back at it and frowns.

I thought I turned that piece of shit off? I groan dramatically and stand up, walking across the room and picking up my phone.

"Hello?" I answer without looking to see who it is. "Cameron, my gosh Cameron. I've been trying to contact you since last night." It's Nate. "Oh, yeah. Sorry, my phone was off." I look back at jess on the bed sitting crossed legged and she furrows her eyebrows at me, as if asking 'who is it?'

"Okay, well I need you to get down here, to my office, right now. I have a major movie deal hooked for you and it enrolls Nash as well." Nate speaks into my ear. Nash? Well nothing is really going to change, Nash already used to go to my old movie set with me even though he wasn't in the movie. I just invited him, everyday.

"Umm, shit." I curse. I don't want to leave Jessica but if this is a huge deal I need to take it. "Okay. I'll be there soon." I hang up before he has the chance to respond.

"What was that about?" Jessica asks me and I walk over to her, taking a seat and pulling her to sit on my lap. "My manager hooked me another movie deal." I inform her and rest my forehead on the back of her shoulder. "Oh, well then go." She instructs and I wrap my arms around her tiny figure. "I will, just not right now." I smirk even though she can't see me.

"Oh." She laughs and turns her head to the side, I kiss her cheek, down to her shoulder. "Yeah." I laugh and fall back on the bed, taking her with me.

Dakota's POV
I need to text Sam. I don't want to talk to him but I need to know if we actually..did it. Maybe he was just playing games with me, he knew I was drunk. I hope we didn't, I'm going to feel so bad if Cody and me end things because I cheated on him after I promised him that me going to California wouldn't ruin our relationship.

I grab my phone from the couch cushion next to me and send him a simple text saying that we need to talk. He responds second later asking 'where' and I tell him to meet me at the frozen yogurt shop around the corner of Kian and jc's house. I hope we didn't, I pray that we didn't.

Alexis's POV
"Hey." Kian greets me when I walk down into the kitchen with a kiss to my temple. "Hey." I smile at his affection. "Want some breakfast?" He asks and I nod.

"That hungry?" He laughs when he hears my stomach growl seconds later. "I'm fat, okay?" I laugh along with him but he stops and I begin to feel awkward. "Alexis, your not fat." His eyes met mine and I freeze from the emotion radiating off of him. "Calm down." I instruct and rest my hand on his forearm. "I'm not mad at you, I'm just saying that your not fat so don't call yourself something your not." He grabs my other hand and squeezes it before pulling me into a hug. "Okay." I give in and find myself staring at his ass.

I move my hand from his arms and travel down to his back pockets, pushing it inside. "What you should call yourself is a tease." He laughs and removes my hand. I smile and he kisses me.

"Let's go get breakfast." He says and digs his car keys out of his pocket.

Emily's POV
"C'mon please?" Jc begs for the thousandth time. "No, I'm not taking a shower with you when everyone is home. Now stop asking." I demand sternly although I'd love to take one with him.
He stands up from the bed and walks over to me by his dresser. "You'll regret it later. I personally think I look sexy as hell with water dripping down my body." He wiggles his eyebrows at me and I hit his head. "Go take a shower." I giggle and he scowls all the way to the shower.

Jessica's POV
When Cameron leaves I'm bored out of my mind. All the girls are out and I'm stuck at home, story of my life. I go on twitter and type in my name just for fun, but when I do my eyes widen in disbelief.

Hundreds of pictures of me and Cameron pop up and I scroll through them slowly, reading each one.

"I love them so much."

"I ship Jameron 100%"

"Cameron and Jessica are my goals tbh."

What the heck? I assumed everyone would hate me for being with their idol. I smile down at my phone and I probably look like an idiot but I don't care. To know that I have his fans supporting our relationship means the absolute world to me. It'll just suck when we have to go back home in a week, I push that to the back of my mind and continue scrolling through my twitter feed.

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