14. Heartache

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Jessica's POV
"That was so fun!" I yell over the music blaring from speakers all over the boardwalk. "Yeah it was. Wanna go again?" Dom asks me. Him and Sam showed up a little over an hour ago, he's so sweet. We've been having so much fun. "Yeah sure." I smile and he grabs my hand before pulling me to the roller coaster, again.
Jc's POV
"Where the hell is Jessica?" I ask frustrated. "We've been looking for an hour. How the hell is it that hard to find one person?" I add while Emily walks beside me. "Jc calm down, she's having fun. If Cameron did something to really piss her off, I know her well enough to know that if he actually shows up here it'll ruin her night." Emily points out and I sigh. "Your right I guess. But we still need to look, I promised Nash I'd have her in plain sight so cam could find her." I inform her and continue on my search, with her trailing behind me.
Kians POV
Me, Alexis and Sammy have been hanging out while JC is with Emily, Dom is with jess and Sam is with Dakota. I fucking hate this. Sammy keeps grabbing Alexis's hand and all I can think about is breaking it as Alexis lays her head on his shoulder. Fuck that. I refuse to be miserable when he's leaving tomorrow, then shes all mine for the rest of the summer. "Lets find the others, it's getting late." Alexis suggest and I nod in agreement. "Oh hey, Jc just texted me, he said 'get everyone and meet at the cotton candy booth.' That solves that." Sammy smiles and holds his phone out in front of him. "Smile." He laughs and takes pictures with Alexis. She's so beautiful, the way she puckers her lips to playfully do the "duck face" is adorable. Shes adorable. But I find myself still wanting to break his phone.
Dom's POV
When me and jess get off the roller coaster after riding it for the tenth time I get a text from jc saying meet at the cotton candy booth. "Let's go." I grab Jessica's hand after showing her the text and lead the way to the booth. When we get there Emily, Dakota, Sam, and JC are already there. "Jessica, thank goodness I've been looking for you everywhere." JC pants as if he just ran a marathon. "Why?" Jess furrows her brows. She's so cute. "Come here." He grabs her wrist and pulls her away, forcing me to let go of her hand. They walk a couple feet away as Kian, Alexis and Sammy make their way to the booth.
Jessica's POV
"Just hear me out before you get pissed at me okay?" Jc holds his hands out in front of him in surrender. "Why would I get mad at you? What happened?" I ask him. "Well Nash texted me and asked if I could get you and Cameron to talk, so I said yes." He tells me and looks at the ground, afraid for what my response will be. "I'm not talking to him JC. Nope, not happening." I begin walking away and he grabs my arm and I spin around, my first instinct is to hit him but he grabs my wrist and stops my assault. "Slow down there killer." Is not jc, Its Cameron. I gasp and pull my arm from his grasp. He reaches for me again. "Don't you dare fucking touch me." I spit at him. I see JC slowly back away from us. "What did I even do to you? How was I supposed to know you had a boyfriend back home?" He shouts at me. "Don't yell at me. You have no right coming here and doing this Cameron." I push his chest, hard. "Listen, just listen please." He pleads with me. "I don't need to listen. There's nothing to say." I seethe at him. "Yes there is. Like the fact that I can't stop thinking about you. Or the fact that you seem to invade all my thoughts. You must mean the part where I actually began to think about asking you to stay here after summer ends just so I can be with you. I can't believe your being so selfish about this. I've never felt this way before and you have the nerve to act like I'm nothing to you when you seem to be everything to me." By the time he finishes his rampage he's out of breathe. "Cameron, I can't do this." I tell him and take a step backwards only to have him take a step closer. "Please just give me a chance with you." He pleas. "I have a boyfriend. You met me a week ago, theres no way you feel these things about me." I remind him. "I don't give a fuck. I don't care if I met you a week ago and talking about your boyfriend, dump his ass, please. He's probably a low life piece of shit anyways." He exaggerates and I sigh. I should be defending Austin, but I'm not. "Please." He pushes. I stay quiet and he lifts my chin to look up at him. I didn't realize I was staring at the ground until I met his browm eyes "Jessica, this can work." He keeps his hand under my chin. "I leave at the end of the summer. Besides I'm just another fan, thats it." I take another step back and this time he doesn't follow. "That was a low blow." He drops his arm to his side. "I'm sorry Cameron. I have to go." I say when I turn to see all of our friends staring at us. "I'll see you around." I wave and begin to walk away from him and he doesn't say a word. "Wait!" He calls when I'm close to the booth, and i find myself happy that he stopped me. I turn around and he jogs up to meet me. "I know your birthday is soon and just in case your not talking to me then, here." He places a small box in a my hand and turns around with his shoulders slumped. I look at the small gold box in my palm and look back up at him, he stares at the ground as he walks away. After what I said about only being a fan, I basically told him to his face that I don't have feelings for him what so ever, even though that's a complete lie. I feel horrible about myself right now. When he's a good distance away from me I open the small box, inside is a beautiful rope texture bracelet with an anchor on it. I notice little chains around the anchor charm. I stare at the bracelet with a smile on my face. Something white in the tiny box catches my eye. Its a piece of paper that has been riped out of a notebook or something.

For when you feel like your drowning. -Cam

Tears prick my eyes and I wipe them away forcefully. I put the simple but wonderful bracelet on my wrist and then put the tiny box in my pocket. After a couple more seconds of realizing what I had just done to Cameron I walk back to everyone and Dom looks at me. "You okay?" He asks and I nod slightly. "I'll be fine."

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