13. Boardwalk

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Jessica's POV
The next morning I wake up and have 3 missed calls and 6 texts... from Cameron.
I sigh and delete them without looking at any of them. Last night was so fun. I think the guys like Sammy. This is all like a dream. I get out of bed and grab my phone before heading downstairs, not bothering to wake up anyone. I skip down into the kitchen and find Sammy eating cereal by himself. "Ayyo." I yelled playfully. "Hey." He said cheekily. Sammy already has the milk out so I grab a bowl, cereal and a spoon before taking a seat next to him. "Why so happy?" I look up at him. "Nothing." He clips. "Really Sammy? Wow." I snap. "What?" He looks back at me. "You know I hate it when people do that. I can obviously tell your happy about something.. Why?" I demand. "Fine." He gives in but continues. "I....I..I kissed ale.. Alexis last night." He strutters and I nearly fall out of my seat. "What did you just say?" I smile from ear to ear. "I kissed Alexis." He whispers and tries concealing it with a cough. "No fucking way!" I squeal and turn my seat to face him completely. "Tell me everything." I screech. This is crazy.
Alexis's POV
When I wake up Jessica isn't in the room so I walk across to Emily and Dakota's room to wake them. "Wake up niggas." I clap my hands together and they slowly open their eyes. "Let's do something today." I suggest to them and they don't respond. "Guys. Let's do something today." I say again. "To tired for this right now." Dakota turns over and covers her head with a pillow. "Uggh! I'll be back in 20 minutes, be ready." I instruct them and walk out. When I get down stairs I immediately smile. Sammy and Jessica are talking about something and jess seems so intrigued. I take a deep breathe and walk further into the kitchen so I'm in their sight. They look at me and a smile is plastered on Jessica's face. "Let's do something today." I tell them, as I did Dakota and em. "Okay let me change. Who's all going?" Jess asks. "Me, you, Dakota, Emily and him." I say and point to Sammy. "Did you get your car? Or is out still in Florida?" Jessica questions me. "Florida. Kian and Jc might be going with us." I tell her and she jumps off of the stool and runs up the stairs.
Nash's POV
"Yo Cameron, what's wrong?" I ask my best bud when I sit down on the couch. "Nothing man. Don't worry about it." He shrugs. "Does it have to do with her?" I say referring to Jessica. "Nah dude." He says flatly. "Then why have you been so down lately? I know she has something to do with it." I accuse him. "Fuck. You know what? She does. But it doesn't matter because she hates me. She won't even return my calls." He roll his eyes and sighs. "Not to be a downer on things but you've only known her for what? A week?" I point out. "Yeah I know that. Its different though. I don't know how to explain it." He sighs for the 3rd time. "Awe Cameron's in loooove." I tease him. "Fuck off." He cusses me out. A couple seconds pass and I get an idea. "I'll be right back." I tell him and walk into my room to get my phone. I'm going to text Jessica and convince her to talk to him. Hopefully it'll work.

Me: Jess?

I text her and wait for her reply. Twenty minutes go by and no response from Jessica.

Me: Jessica, can we please talk?

I text her again and still no response. I walk back into the living room and slip my shoes on. "Where are you going bro?" Cameron asks. "Just running some errands, be back in a little bit." I lie to him and walk out of the apartment. I'm going to get Jessica so cam has a fair chance to fix this.
Emily's POV
"What do we wear? What are we doing anyways?" I complain to Alexis while climbing out of bed and walking over to my closet to get ready for whatever she has in mind for today. "Dress casually. Were alllll doing something today. Sammy leaves tomorrow morning and so we're doing something special. End of discussion missy." She playfully scolds me. "Yes ma'am." I laugh and me and Dakota hurry to get ready.
Dakota's POV
We're all in the cars and heading to whatever Alexis has in mind for us. Since Sammy drove his car me and Alexis rode with him and Jessica and Emily rode with Kian and Jc. Something is so odd in this cramped car. Alexis and Sammy don't say a word, like their on treacherous grounds. Not wanting to say the wrong thing. Alexis reaches for the radio from the passenger seat and "going down for real" begins playing and we all start singing and jamming out. Well the tension didnt last for long. Once the sing ends were pulling up to.. A boardwalk? Oh my fucking gosh! THE California boardwalk. This is crazy.
Jessica's POV
Kian pulls onto a boardwalk and the breath is knocked out of me. "Is this THE California boardwalk?" I ask aloud. "Indeed it is." Jc laughs at mine and Emily's expressions, pure shock.
We park behind Sammy's car and we all get out of the cars. "Alexis I can't believe THIS is what you had in mind. I thought it was just gonna be a fancy dinner or something. This is incredible." Emily squeals to Alexis. "It wasn't just my idea." She turns her head to Sammy, we all look at him. "Um yeah. I thought we could all do something... special? I guess." He chokes. Sammy hates attention, it makes him feel flustered. I know him well enough not to continue staring at him and Kian must realize it to because he speaks up "Well let's not just stand here. Let's go!" We all laugh and run up the boardwalk like kids. JC runs to the ferris wheel and we all follow. After waiting in line patiently, Alexis gets in a cart with Sammy and Dakota. Emily with JC and me and Kian by ourselves. It was awkward, yes but this is Kian Lawley so I don't give a fuck. We get to the very top and Kian clears his throat. "Are you and Cameron okay?" He looks at me and I look away. "I'm not mad or anything, I'm confused. I have a boyfriend back home and Cameron kissed me. I don't know what to do." I shake my head slightly. "Well if it means anything, I think Cameron really likes you. I'm not trying to make this sound like some cheesy hallmark card but I see the way he looks at you. I've known cam for a while now and something about him is different when he's with you." He informs me and my heart flutters. "He's Cameron freaking Dallas. You guys are all famous, me and the girls aren't. Us being here is only temporary. When we leave you guys will all go back to your regular lives." I interject. He shakes his head. The cart moves faster now and I hear the girls all laughing and I smile. "Their idiots." I chuckle to myself. "They are." Kian nods and I laugh. After a couple more rounds on the Ferris wheel were stopped. The ride worker walks over and opens the gates for us to get out. "Thankyou." I smile at him and Kian grabs my wrist to stop me before walking over to where everyone else stands, waiting for us. "Can I tell you something?" He asks frantically. I nod. "I like Alexis, a lot. When you guys leave I'm gonna be devastated." I see the sincerity in his eyes and my eyes widen. "I knew it." I shriek. "Knew what?" Sammy questions as they approach us. Kian looks away suddenly. "Umm that.. that umm cotton candy here is expensive." I blurt out and everyone looks at me suspiciously but doesn't say anything. When they turn around to walk away Kian looks at me and mouths 'thankyou' and I smile back at him.
Jc's POV
Me and Emily walked away from our group to ride the ferris wheel again. "I like spending time with you." She tells me and her cheeks flush. She didn't mean to say that. "I didn't mean to say that." She adds as if reading my mind. "I like spending time with you too." I smile down at the beautiful girl next to me in this tiny cart. "I think...." I'm cut off by my phone ringing. Emily looks at me with confusion. "Nash." I answer her thoughts before answering the call.
"Hello?" "Hey man. Can we talk?" He asks. "Yeah dude. Is everything okay?" I lean up. "Yeah. Well no. Not with Cameron." He tells me. "I'm confused." I answer honestly. "Look man. Stuff went down with cam and Jessica at the set the other day and I'm trying to fix it because cam hasn't acted the same since." He continues. "I don't know what to do. Where are you guys?"
"The boardwalk." I in from him. "Have Cameron meet jess here. I'll be sure she's somewhere he can find her." I inform Nash. "Alright thanks dude." He ends the call. "What was that about?" Emily asks me once the ride comes to an end. "Nash told me something went down with cam and jess. I don't know what happened though. We gotta go." I grab her hand and pull her along side me.
Cameron's POV
I wouldn't say I've been moping around the house, I've just been...off. I really like Jessica and I can't believe she has a fucking boyfriend back home. My phone vibrates in my pocket and I pull it out.

Nash: Bro Jessica is @ the boardwalk. Go find her.

Jessica is at the boardwalk? Wow good to know what happened between us isn't taking a toll on her like it is me

Me: Nah man. She has a fucking boyfriend back home. What's the point in trying if she's taken?

Nash: Fuck that. Get your ass up, get out that damn door and go get her.

Should I? She's fucking taken. Besides I've only known her for a couple days.


Fuck this.

Me: I'm on my way.

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