2. Last Lunch

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Alexis's POV
      When the bell rings for lunch I get in the lunch line and buy a bottled water before going over to my regular lunch table. Emily, Dakota and Jessica are already seated with our friends Mikey, Kelly, and Hannah. I sit down in between Kelly and Jessica, everyone is talking about summer..

"Hey Alexis." Multiple people greet me. "Hey guys." I reply. "We were talking about this summer. I'm throwing an all senior party, you better be there." Mikey looks up at me through his eye lashes. "I'll think about it." I promise him. I was acting calm but inside I was freaking out.

I've liked Mikey for a long time but I know he likes Hannah so we'd never work out, I guess we were just meant to be good friends. "Am I invited Mikey?" Hannah asks him while twirling a piece of hair between her fingers. "Of course." He tells her and his cheeks flush. "Oh good I thought you'd say no because Alexi.. Oh no.

"Mikey" Jessica cuts Hannah off from saying anything else.  "Can you go get me a Gatorade, please?" She asks Mikey. "Yeah sure." He gets up and walks away.

"Keep your fucking mouth shut." I curse at Hannah when Mikey is gone. "Or what?" She smirks. I pause not knowing what to say.

"I'll tell everyone what happened at Christian's party last month." Dakota jumps in. They stare at each other for a couple seconds before Hannah huffs and gets up and leaves the table, shooting daggers at me with her eyes. Fuck her.

I notice Mikey making his way back over to the table and I absentmindedly fix my hair. "Hey, is blue fine? That's all they had." Mikey returns with a blue Gatorade in his hand and sets it in front of jess. "Yeah, that's cool." She assures him before gulping it down.

"Why'd Hannah leave?" He looks at me. "I umm.. I...I." I stutter. "She said she wasn't feeling well." Kelly finishes for me, sensing my struggle. "Okay." Mikey replies looking confused but he let's it go.

"Hey babe." Austin greets Jessica and walks towards us with a small box in his hand. "Hey." Jessica simply says not even making eye contact with him. "Did she break up with him?" I ask myself.

"Can you come with me for a second?" He asks her and she nods before standing and waving at us. "Bye." We all yell to her as she walks away. "Be at the party." Mikey screams playfully before they exit the lunch room.

"So are y'all down for the party or what?" He turns back to us. "I'm down." Kelly and Dakota say in unison. "Me too." Emily smiles. I don't say anything. "Alexis..." He looks at me. "You in?" I don't know what to say honestly.

If Hannah is going to be there I really don't want to go. A fight would not be a good way to start my summer off.

"Umm..I don't think so." I look away from him. "Please." He begs. As I open my mouth to tell him I said no he interrupts me. "It'll be our last party together before we all go to college. I'm going to miss you guys. It won't be the same if everyone's not there." He interjects. I huff in annoyance knowing he's right. "Fine." I sigh. "Yaaas." He laughs and pumps his fists. I just smile. He's so charming.

Emily's POV
           After lunch I decide to ditch the rest of school since I'll be seeing everyone again at the party tomorrow night. But I send Jessica a text telling her to meet me at my car since she is staying at my house this weekend.

10 minutes later she comes out of the front of the school and gets in the car. "Ready?" I ask. "Yeah." She chirps and I head home.

Dakota's POV
         When I got home from school I picked out my outfit for the party tomorrow night and watched YouTube videos the rest of the evening. I clicked on KianandJc's latest video and watched in silence before I started screaming. I got my phone and immediately texted in mine Emily's, Jessica's, and Alexis's group chat.

Me: Guys! I'm freaking out!!

Alexis: What's wrong?

Me: Absolutely nothing is wrong! The complete opposite.

Emily: What is it?

Me: Just get here... NOW!!

Jessica: On my way.

Alexis: Same^

Emily: Be there in 10.

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