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Jessica's POV
I wake up the next morning to Cameron's phone ringing repeatedly. I sigh and he stirs in his sleep, but doesn't wake up.

"Cameron.." I shake his arm and his eyes fly open. "What do you want, Jess?" He groans tiredly and his phone rings again.

He huffs in annoyance and snatches the object from the nightstand.

"What?" He barks into the mouthpiece and I lay back down.

"No!" He scoffs and I can tell how tired he is by the way he's acting.

"I'm in Florida with my girlfriend." He says and my heart sinks.

"I want to spend time with her." He explains into the phone.

I sit up when he huffs for the second time and I move to sit behind him on the bed.

"That won't work." He barks.

"This is bullshit." He spits as I bring my arms around his shoulders, hugging his chest from behind and I rest my chin on his shoulder.

I can tell how upset he is at whatever the person on the phone is saying to him, so I kiss his cheek as a source of comfort.

"Okay, fuck." He sighs angrily and hangs up the phone.

He runs his hands over his face and I continue hugging him.

"What's wrong, babe?" I whisper in his ear and he turns his head to look at me.

"My fucking manager wanted me to come home to finish this project I've been working on, but I said no. Then he went on and on about how important it was and I said I was with you, so he said he didn't care and that if I wouldn't come home to do it, then I have to work on it here." He explains and sighs once again.

I kiss his cheek again and he closes his eyes as I bring my hand to his shoulders, massaging lightly.

"Don't stress out about it, babe. You can do your work and I'll make you some breakfast, it'll be alright. Just relax." I assure him quietly.

"But I want to spend time with you, I leave in 2 days. I just wanted it to be you and me today, I was going to take you out and get breakfast but now this fucking douchebag wants to.." I cut him off from his complaints and I kiss his shoulder.

"It's fine, Cameron." I assure him and I continue kissing him.

"Do you have any idea how much I love you?" He hums after several seconds of silence and the words are music to my ears.

He turns back around, grabs my chin and presses his lips to mine softly, letting them linger.

I smile against his mouth and he pulls away slightly. "I love you." He tells me and my heart swells as always.

"I love you, more." I respond cheekily and I move to stand up.

"Wait!" He calls when I reach the foot of the bed. I turn and face him. "What's wrong?" I ask the same question from earlier.

"Nothing, I just wanted to cuddle with you." He says and pulls my arm, causing me to fall on top of him as he kisses all over my face.

"I..." He says and kisses my nose. "Love.." He continues with a peck to my forehead. "You..." He smacks his lips onto mine and I hum into the kiss.

"Cameron." I try and pull my mouth from his but he grabs me by my neck and pulls me back to his lips.

"Cameron..." I giggle and turn my head before his lips can connect with mine again, causing him to kiss my cheek.

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