11. Getting to know you

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Alexis's POV
"Alright everyone up." Kian banged pots and pans together while walking down the hallway in attempt to wake us up. "What the hell man?" Me and jess stumble out of our room and find Jc laying on the floor at the end of the hallway, with a pillow over his head, and em and Dakota across from us. I laugh at the image of Jc. "Part of the contest is going out places to get paparazzi to notice you guys." I cringe at the thought of all this still just being a contest after all the fun we had yesterday. I was stupid for thinking it was anything important, the beach day was probably for paps too. I just didn't see them. "Okay where are we going?" Emily asks and Kian looks at her suspiciously. "So we know how to dress." She elaborates. "Oh. Dress casually, were just gonna walk around town and go places. Paps are gonna be everywhere so we have to act like were getting to know each other or some shit." He explains and I sigh and we all walk back into our rooms. "This sucks man. Here I am thinking all of us are actually becoming friends and now I find myself disappointed that its all for fucking paparazzi. The whole beach day was probably planned out too. Damn this blows." I angerily yank a shirt off a hanger to put on. "Calm down. At least we know not to get our hopes up anymore. Let's just go hang out with those dorks. Either way you look at it, were still lucky to even be here." Jess tells me. I know shes right but it still sucks. After were dressed we walk into the hall and knock on em and Dakotas door, it opens within seconds. "You guys ready?" Jess walks in and they nod. "Okay. I guess we just go downstairs?" I ask more than I tell. "I guess. Is Jc still in the hallway?" Dakota questions and we shake our heads. "Well their probably getting ready then. Let's just wait downstairs." She suggests and we all nod and walk out of the room. When we get downstairs were the only ones so they must still be getting ready. "Man guys take longer getting ready than girls." Emily points out and I can't help but laugh along with jess and Dakota. "I think its just them, not all guys." I laugh harder. "Hmm." Jc is suddenly on the bottom step of the stairs with Kian next to him. "Well if you ladies are done teasing us, shall we go?" Jc raises a brow and me a and the girls don't answer, we all just walk to the front door, still laughing.
Dakota's POV
Were walking around the streets of LA and it's beautiful. Me and the girls all looking around while Kian and Jc stare at us like we're crazy. We've never been in LA before, big deal. I ignore them as they start giggling like school girls at how intrigued we are into the city. "Shut up would you?" Emily hisses at them and they laugh harder. "It's not fun when people tease you, is it?" Kian says through his laughter. "Uggh. You guys suck." Alexis whines but soon I find myself laughing along with them. Not because it's funny but because being around them just puts you in a good mood, just like watching their videos on YouTube. We continue walking and something clicks in my mind. "Don't you guys film today?" I ask them and kick a tiny pebble on the cement. "Yeah. Were doing a challenge... with you guys." JC looks up at us. "What!?" Alexis nearly screams, they nod. "Oh my gosh." Me and jess screech in unison. Me and the girls form a circle with our bodies and start fangirling in front of THE Kian and Jc. Its still so odd to say that. We start making our own little conversation forgetting about the guys completely. "Mhhm." Kian clears his throat and it draws our attention. "Sorry." Alexis is quick to apologize. "No problem, we love how girls fangirl over us." Jc tries making a joke but fails miserably, that's when we all start giggling. We start walking again after a couple moments of just laughing and joking with each other. When all of us are in depth in a conversation I see a camera flash go off and turn my head to where it came from. "Show time." Kian says under his breath. "What do you mean show time?" Emily looks back at him. "We have to act like we're all just having a good time." Jc instructs us. "We were, but not so much now that were getting forced to act like we're having a good time." Jessica spits at them. We stop walking again and us four turn around to look at them and cross our arms over our chests. More flashes go off. "Please just calm down. Please." JC begs. More flashes. "Please. I'll buy us Starbucks." Kian adds and we look at each other before we turn back and and continue walking. They sigh in relief. Good to know were still just for show after we were just all having a good time.
*At Starbucks*
Emily's POV
Were all sitting at a table in the corner of Starbucks having a good time 'off camera'. "So have you guys ever hung out with any other viewers?" I ask them. "Once. It didn't work out." Jc and Kian look at each other as if remembering something strange. "They came over to the house and set Kians clothes on fire. They wanted to take the ash as a memory of our time together." Jc smirks at the thought. "Of my god, no way. That's so fucked up." All of us laugh. Jessica stands up and we all look at her. "I'm going to pee if you must know everything." She tells us and heads to the front of the rather large Starbucks building.
Jessica's POV
I walk out of the bathroom and head back to our table when I hear someone call my name, I turn and search for the source. "Hey." It's Cameron. Cameron Dallas stopped ME to say hey. "Oh hey Cameron." I smile at him. "Are you here alone?" He raises a brow. "Nah, the guys are right over there." I point to the table in the back where the guys are at. "Oh." He seems... disappointed? "I guess you wouldn't wanna hang out with me and Nash then? Were heading to the set of our movie." He copies my gesture from seconds ago and points at Nash who is at the bar on a stool with a coffee in his hand. "Umm actually I would love that." I say and he smiles. "Really?" "Yeah, lemme just ask them and be sure they're okay with it." I explain and tell him to wait here while I walk to the table. "Hey jess you missed the best thing ever Alexis..." I cut Kian off "Do you think it'd be okay if I went to Cameron and Nash's set? They just invited me and I really would love to go." I immediately ask. "Um yeah I guess that's okay." Jc shrugs after seeming to think about it for a while. "Thanks. I'll see you guys back at the house." I wave and grab my bag from the chair I was previously sitting in and walk back over to Cameron. "Nash! Let's go!" Cameron calls Nash when I reach him. "Shes coming?" He looks at me. "Yeah. That's okay right?" Cam asks him and he nods. We walk out the shop and I'm completely thrown off guard when Cameron's hand wraps around mine. I look down at his fingers trying to wiggle themselves between mine. "Gotta show the paps were friends. Right?" He whispers to me and I feel my heart sink.

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