29. Anything you want to know

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Cameron's POV
When I wake up Jessica is sprawled across the bed and I have to stifle my laughter from erupting. She's so beautiful.

I take my phone out and decide to go through twitter until jess wakes up. When I do my fans are talking about me and Jessica. All over my timeline is pictures of me and her at the boardwalk holding hands and me blocking her from paparazzi after dinner the other night. She looks so overwhelmed by all the flashes, I'm glad I was there.

Jess stirs in her sleep and I slip my phone under my leg. I watch as she opens her eyes and stretches her arms out above her. She sits up and looks around at her surroundings, sighing when she realizes its just my bedroom. She looks over at me and then back at the bed, then back at me.

"I slept on the couch, I swear." I tell her, answering her thoughts on if we both slept in the bed last night. She nods and lays back down putting her hands over her face. "Headache?" I ask and she nods through her hands.

I stand up and walk into my bathroom, which is connected to my room. I go to my mirror and pull it open, grabbing the pill bottle and putting two in my hand.

I walk back to my room with a cup of water and the pills in hand. "Here." I says and set the medicine and glass of water on the side table next to my bed that she's in. "Thanks." She sits back up and takes the medicine.

"So?" I breath and she lays back down. "So.." She retaliates and drapes her arms back over her face. "What's wrong?" I ask her, she seems irratated. "The light is making my headache worse." She huffs and points at the ceiling.

I walk over to my door and turn the light off, making it darker, the only light pouring in from the blindes on the window. "Better?" I chuckle and she sits up again. "Mhhm." She hums. "Look jess we need to talk about this." I sigh and she shakes her head. "Not right now." She groans. "Please, just listen to me. I'll tell you anything you want to know." I try persuading her. I need her to listen to me, to forgive me. "Please." I press and she huffs again, "Okay."

"Why didnt you tell me? Did you think I wouldn't find out?" She asks me. "No, well yes. I was hoping you wouldn't find out. I didn't want you involved in it." I tell her honestly and she continues. "How long?"
I think about it before answering.

"A couple years now." I say and her jaw drops. "Years? Oh my gosh Cameron. You could've been hurt, or arrested." She gapes. "Why does it matter? Honestly it doesn't. Why is it such a big deal to you." I sit back down on the couch when I realize I was still standing next to the bed. "Because Cameron!" She spits and I stiffen, this isn't going well. The last thing I want right now is me and her fighting. "Because why?" I try staying calm.

"Maybe because I don't want you getting hurt, or someone else getting hurt, okay? I'm worried about you." She yells and then winces and my heart leaps. She cares, she cares about me.

"What?" I ask even though I heard what she said. "I don't want you getting hurt, its dangerous." She stares at the ground and I stand up, walking over to the bed and kneeling down in front of her. "Then I'll stop." I offer, making my eyes level with hers. "Really?" She sniffels and I nod.

"I was going to stop the other night when you found out. I want you to give me another chance and I'd give up anything for that." I say truthfully and she smiles. She catches me completely off guard when she kneels down on the ground in front of me and wraps her arms around my neck. I hug her to me and I feel like my heart may explode just from the feeling of her in my arms.

I stand up pulling her with me. I rewarp my arms around her waist and I lift her up in the air, squeezing her as hard as I can without crushing her. She laughs and I set her back down. "Thankyou." I bend down and rest my forehead against hers. "Your welcome." She smiles and I kiss her.

Emily's POV
"Hey, babe." Jc greets me by squeezing my butt. I swat his hand away and he laughs. "I couldn't resist." He smirks and grabs my butt again. "Jc..." I whine and he kisses me. "Shut up." He says when he pulls away. "Make me." I pout and he raises his eyebrows before kissing me again.

Alexis's POV
I look up at Kian, watching him sleep. " I know your looking at me." He says. Well I thought he was asleep. "Sorry." I flush and look away. "Babe, I don't care. I want you to check me out when you think I'm not looking." He laughs and I smile, putting my head on his chest. He wraps his arms around me, keeping his eyes closed. "What do you want to do today?" He asks me and I shrug in his arms. "What do you want to do today?" I counter. "Honestly as long as I'm with you I don't care." He says and my heart flutters. I look at him and kiss him while he keeps his eyes closed. I break the kiss after a few seconds but he grabs my arm and stops me.

"You had to go and get me worked up." He growls and I act innocent. "Who, me?" I flutter my eyelashes. "Yeah, you." He groans and flips us over, him hovering over me and I shriek.

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