loverboy; kian lawley  by lovelyjbirlem
loverboy; kian lawley by lovelyjbirlem
find out about my life and how I survive living in a house full of crazy boys.
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iMessage | Kian Lawley | COMPLETED by unic0rnqueen
iMessage | Kian Lawley | COMPLETEDby a ;
One text to the wrong number, can change your life forever. -------- Cover by @kianscalvins ❤️
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Fix you k.l by ferry___jerry
Fix you k.lby Rachel 🛸🤪
A texting fanfic She's a huge fan of Kian and Jc. But what happens when she accidentally texts one of them? Will they fall in love or just stay friends?
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kian lawley preferences by hshtgidks
kian lawley preferencesby anna⁺✧
➰these preferences are for all those who are just as infatuated with kian as i am➰
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ADRENALINE | k.l. by kianscalvins
"he was the rush i didn't know i needed." - DISCONTINUED.
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Destiny (Kian Lawley & Franny Arrieta) by youtubeislife95
Destiny (Kian Lawley & Franny YouTube Obsessed
A Kian Lawley & Franny Arrieta fanfiction Is she the one i'm looking for? I've been searching for the one and didnt realise it's infront of me the whole time.
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youtube // kian lawley by mixedfeeelings
youtube // kian lawleyby l.b
@kianlawley: love you bbygrl @athenaking normal/social media
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Queen Mafia -G.D by DolanLovezz
Queen Mafia -G.Dby DolanLovezz
Ciara is a bad girl but, not your ordinary "bad girl" her father is a Mafia gang leader . Now Ciara is old enough to rule the gang along with him . on top of a...
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baby girl by deadassomaha
baby girlby Shy🌻🐝
kian lawley
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Trust me // Ivan Martinez || discontinued  by kayleen2200
Trust me // Ivan Martinez || kayleen2200
Hey I'm Ava, Ava Paul.
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kian lawley imagines . by 0maejh0
kian lawley imagines .by .maybe.
Kian imagines🌻 Enjoy💙
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KnJ House Imagines (ON HOLD) by lovelylilyxx
KnJ House Imagines (ON HOLD)by Lily Rose
hello lovelies! this is a myriad of different imagines featuring your favorite boys (and the occasional franny)! if you enjoy them please give me a vote, leave me a comm...
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Shots in the Dark by twisted_realities
Shots in the Darkby Michaela Williams
They say that to take a shot in the dark is to do something without knowing anything about what you're about to do. In their case, that's exactly what this is.
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Little one by katie8989
Little oneby K_8989
What would you do if you were taken away from your past life and given a second chance to live a new one? Something beyond your wildest dreams perhaps? ________________...
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Tired Days by strawbxbbykisses
Tired Daysby strawbxbbykisses
"When I am with you, sleepless nights and tired days are all a distant memory" 2nd book to Sleepless Night (K.L)
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sober | e.d by addictinggrethan
sober | e.dby j🌸
"I'm not sober anymore"
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oops wrong number • omaha squad by heart-strings1
oops wrong number • omaha squadby heart-strings1
where a girl gets added into a random groupchat with a bunch of hot guys
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Girl Quarterback by lanaalsabban
Girl Quarterbackby •.˜”*°• Lana •°*”˜.•
#1 in #BeStrong - Jan 6 2019 #3 in #BreakStereotypes - Jan 5 2019 »»----- ♔ -----«« "don't you realize how rude that remark is? I'm not a rock. I have feelings, but...
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Daddy  by brattypwincess
Daddy by Shay😊
A DD/LG relationship between a daddy, and his bratty sub. The way she misbehaves drives him crazy. Yet he loves her to death.
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I'd never. I can't (Sequel to Since When?) by twinner_potato241
I'd never. I can't (Sequel to twinner_potato241
As it says in the title, this is the official sequel to my book Since When?. The book "Since When?" ends with them having to go back to school so now they're...
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