41. Beach Bound

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Jc's POV
I look around the table at my group of friends. God, I'm going to miss them so much.

I didn't think the contest winners would be cool, I thought they'd just be really weird and too shy to even speak the whole time, but their not. These four girls are my best friends and I hope it stays that way, forever.

Dakota's POV
"Do you guys wanna take the coffee's to go? We can go to the beach and meet up with everyone like we did the first day y'all got here." Kian asks us and I nod my head eagerly.
If Sam is going to be there, I'm down.

We take our drinks and we walk back to the jeep.

"Is Cameron going to be there?" Jessica asks aloud nervously. Kian and Jc look at her and Jc shakes his head.

"Not if you don't want him to be, we'll make sure of it." He assures her and she smiles thankfully at him.

"Now let's go! I got places to be and people to see!" Kian yells jokingly and we all pile into the jeep.

I wonder what happened between Jessica and Cameron. I hope for their sakes they make up before we leave.

Alexis's POV
"Hand me the aux cord bitch!" I call from Kian's lap and Jessica laughs before passing it to me.

I play the song 'countdown' by Beyoncè and I start singing to it immediately.

"Your an amazing singer, baby." Kian whispers in my ear and my stomach flutters. "Nooo, I'm not. I don't know what your smoking." I tell him honestly. I suck at singing.

Everyone tells me I'm good but I just don't think I am.

"Yes you are. Imma need you to sing to me before you leave." He requests and I laugh. "We'll see." I tell him and continue singing along to the song.

Nash's POV
Me, Hayes, Skate, Jack Johnson, Jack Gilinsky, Madison, Carter, Andrea and Sammy have been waiting on Kian and Jc for an hour now and I'm starting to get annoyed, seeing as Madison and Andrea won't shut the hell up.

"Why are we waiting on them? Their just some girls, why does there have to be a big goodbye thing?" Madison complains, god what the hell was I thinking when I hooked up with her?

Yeah, she's hot but she's so damned annoying. "Because we're friends with them." I answer flatly and Jack G rests his hand on her thigh.

"Yeah babe, we're just saying a quick goodbye." Jack assures her and she smiles adoringly at him.

I hear a car door shut in the distance and seconds later Dakota, Alexis and Emily are standing in front of us.

"Where's Jessica and the boys?" I ask the three of them and Alexis speaks up.

"Their parking the car." She pulls my arm and leads me away from everyone. "Can we talk to you for a second?" She asks and pulls my arm away further from the group, Emily and Dakota following behind.

When we're a good distance away Dakota starts talking. "Okay, do you know what happened between Cameron and Jessica?" Dakota questions and I shrug. "It's not really my business to tell you guys." I say and they all roll their eyes.

"Nash." Emily sends me a death glare. "Okay, okay. All I know is what Cameron told me." I tell them and they nod their heads, signaling for me to continue.

"Apparently Cameron got jealous when Jessica was dancing in front of everyone with you guys the other night and he made a big deal about it." I say.

"Like what? What happened?" They question me and I glare at them before continuing.

"He called her a whore." I answer and they all gasp. I swear they all do the exact same thing.

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