16. Stay 19

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Sam's POV
I drive home with Dakota's hand in mine. I can't help but think about her leaving at the end of the summer. I don't want her to just be a phase in my life. The last girl I dated was my best friend Rachel. Rachel and I dated for 6 months before we broke up. I would say it just wasn't meant to be but I thought it was until she cheated on me with fucking Cameron. I was devastated and neither of them cared enough to even apologize. I don't want Dakota anywhere near him. I was going to tell Jessica and the girls but I know that jess is into him. Plus tomorrow is her birthday so that would just make it worse. I want to break his fucking neck, he knew Rachel had a boyfriend and he still fucking slept with her. That low life piece of shit.
"Ow." Dakotas voice breaks me out of my violent thoughts. "What?" I snap my head in her direction. "Your squeezing my hand." She pulls her hand away from mine and rubs it. "Sorry. Are you okay?" I ask her and she nods. "I'm a big girl." She teases. "What were you thinking about?" She adds. "Umm, Jessica's birthday." I partly lie. What am I supposed to say? "Snapping Cameron's neck because he slept with my ex while we were together." I don't think that would've worked out well. She titls her head but let's it go, I couldn't be more relieved. "Well speaking of Jessica's birthday, Kian is trying to convince jess to let Cameron throw her a party." When she says Cameron's name my blood boils under my skin. "Oh that's good." I respond casually as we pull into the driveway of Kian and Jc's house. "Are you coming in?" Dakota looks at me and opens the door and gets out before I can respond. "I guess I am." I say to myself.
Jessica's POV
Dakota and Sam finally get back and they brought pizza, thank god. I've been in a better mood since we filmed the video for Kian and jc's channel. They walk in, set the pizza on the kitchen table and go upstairs. Me, Kian, and Alexis were watching 'The Vampire Diaries' on Netflix but Alexis paused it and stood up. "What the hell?" I groaned. "Me and Kian are going upstairs. I don't want you continuing without me." She smiles and walks out, followed by Kian. I groan once again and walk over to the kitchen to eat the pizza Dakota and Sam brought home. "I'm such a loner." I say aloud although I'm the only one now downstairs. Emily and JC went out to go get stuff but they wouldn't tell us what they were getting. My phone starts ringing and I'm slightly disappointed when I see that its Austin. We didnt leave things off at a good place when I left.
Alexis's POV
Kian and I walk into Dakota and Emily's room where we find her and Sam kissing. "Whoa! Don't mind us but we have some planning to do." I chuckle. "Oh shit dude." Sam says and pulls away from her. "I forgot the balloons while we were at Walmart." He pulls at his hair angrily. "Its okay. I'll just text Cam and tell him to get some." Kian assures and I swear I see Sam's eyes go wide at the mention of Cameron. What the fuck? "Anyways. Jess still isn't on board with the party. She thinks its just gonna be us." I say referring to me, jc, Kian, Dakota and Emily. "That's good. We need her to keep thinking that. She's still upset about what went down at the boardwalk and she's still with Austin so I don't want her to feel awkward at her own party." Emily sighs. "What's wrong?" Kian asks her and we take a seat on the bed. "I feel bad for her honestly. It must suck for her to have a boyfriend but still like someone else." She points out. We all just nod. "Off of that. We need to plan this out. You only turn 19 once." Kian tries changing the subject. "Okay so JC and I are gonna invite the YouTube community. Nash is gonna get the vine people and Cameron is gonna try to get some celebrities." Kian informs us. "Wait. Celebrities?" Emily stops him from talking any further. "Yeah. Its kind of crazy but since he starred in the movie 'Expelled' he got bigger and bigger by the minute. He has James Franco in his contact list. They met at the red carpet." Kian says and me and Emily look at each other in shock. "That's fucking crazy!" I squeal. "Haha. So where will the party be held at?" Sam asks Kian. "Cameron was planning on just renting out a night club for us." He tells us. "Damn jess is lucky." I laugh and we continue planning the details for tomorrow night.
Cameron's POV
"Dude, chillout." Nash pats my shoulder. "No. This has to be perfect, I don't wanna fuck up anything." I hiss at him. "Your planning a party for one of the most nicest girls I've ever met, she'll appreciate anything and everything you do." He tells me and I smile. "Your right." Of course he's right, jess is just... wonderful. This still needs to be good, good for her.
Later that night I finally grow a pair and text her.

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