31. Rejection

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Alexis's POV
"Kian." I call Kian when I notice him standing by the entrance of the alley. "Coming." He calls and walks over to me. "What was that about?" I ask when I notice him looking across the room. "Um, we should go." He strains and looks into my eyes. "Kian, what's wrong?" I put my hand on his cheek and run my thumb along his jaw bone. "Andrea is over there." He points across the room and sure enough Andrea is in the corner with two other girls.

I debate whether or not I should ask for us to leave but I quickly decide against it. "So what. As long as you don't talk to he or look at her, I don't care if she's here." I smile and Kian takes my hand in his. "Why would I look at her when I have you, babe?" He says and hugs me.

Kian's POV
I hug Alexis and look at Andrea over her shoulder. She looks at me and I smile slightly, she winks at me and I scoff. "I'm going to go to bathroom, okay?" I tell Alexis and she nods. "Okay."

I walk over to the bathrooms and stand by the door, hoping Andrea will notice me and she'll walk over. I need to talk to her. My prayers are answered when Andrea stops me before I can step into the bathroom.

"Hey." She bats her eyelashes at me and I cringe. "Hey." I wave, even though she's right in front of me. "It's good to see you." She moves in to hug me but I dodge her. I don't love her, I love Alexis.

"This is wrong." I move away from her and she frowns. "Kian you loved me first." She says and tries reaching for my hand. I want to give into her touch so badly but I can't, and I won't. "I don't love you anymore, I want and need Alexis." I say and look for the pain to show in her eyes, but it doesn't come. She seems..mad?

"What the fuck? I want you back Kian. Don't you miss me? At all?" She pleas and I take a second before anwering. Why the fuck did I want her to come over to me? "I'm with Alexis, sorry." I say and begin walking back over to my friends, my real friends.

"Actually, I'm not." I turn and smile at her, she scoffs and walks away. I'm not giving up what I have with Alexis. That's what Sammy did and I sure as hell am not repeating his mistake.

Cameron's POV
After the guys took the girls bowling me and Jessica fell asleep for a little while, I tried going back to sleep but I was interrupted by my phone ringing on the night stand. I try reaching for the obnoxious device as it keeps beeping through the room.

I swear if whoever it is wakes jess up I'm going to fucking kill them. She stirs slightly on my chest and I groan. Who the fuck is it?

I continue trying to reach for it without waking her up and I sigh in relief when I grab it.

It's my manager Nate, shit. Why would my manger be calling me at 9:00 at night?

I press decline and set it down next to me. I look down at jess on top of me and I smile. She's so cute when she's sleeping. I close my eyes and tighten my grip around her. I begin to drift off when my phone vibrates again, this time a text.

Nate: Cameron, we need you at the office. We may have snagged you another movie deal.

Fuck, right now? Seriously. I look at my phone, then at Jessica and back at my phone. There is no way in hell I'll have the willpower to get up from this bed when she's snuggled up on me like this.

I decide not to text back and hopefully the deal will still be open tomorrow morning. I turn my phone off and throw it on the chair in the corner. Jess moves again and I pray that she stays asleep, I'm going to feel like a dick if just woke her up.

She groans and opens her eyes slowly, looking up at me. "Did I wake you?" I ask as she moves off of me to lay next to me. Great.

"No, it's fine." She swoons and I turn on my side to face her back. When I lean forward I can see the side of her face. She has her eyes closed again and I so badly want to pull her back to me, but I decide against it. I don't want her to get mad at me.

"Who was calling you?" She asks, her eyes still closed. "My manager." I answer flatly. "What'd he want?" She opens her eyes now. "Nothing jess, go to sleep." I instruct and I finally grow a pair and pull her to me.

She nods, letting it go and I couldn't be more fucking relived. If she found out that he wanted me there she'd make me go and I don't want to leave. I kiss her cheek when I know she's asleep and I drift off.

Dakota's POV
We bowl for a few hours and when we walk out into the parking lot to leave fans are still standing around, waiting on us. But we keep through with our promise and stop to take pictures with them.

After twenty minutes of taking pictures we start getting in the car and the fans go wild when they see Alexis sit on kian's lap. This is going to be all over Twitter.

Emily's POV
We finally get home and Jc says I can stay in his room tonight, which thrills the shit out of me. He's so cute and... shit I think I'm in love.

"What?" He asks when he notices me staring at him. I flush and look away. "Nothing." I bite my lip nervously.

"You need to stop doing that." Jc smiles and removes his shirt, handing it to me so I can wear it to bed. "Do what?" I smirk, I know he's talking about biting my lip but I want to hear him beg.

I lay down on the bed and look up at him.
He walks over and gets on top of me.
I smile and lean in to kiss him. Fuck. I do love him.

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