8. Flight

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*One week later*
Dakota's POV
I'm running around my room trying to get all my stuff together for a MONTH in CALIFORNIA. I can't believe Mikey was so generous. The day after we got the tickets Emily texted me and told me why she blew me off. Mikey had her drop the envelope off at Jessica's house.

"Mom." I call my mother when I get down stairs. "I'm about to go." I yell again. "Oh wait, wait, wait." She stops me and pulls me to her while wrapping her arms around me.

"Please be safe baby girl." She whispers against my hair. "I will mom. You can trust me." She unwraps her arms from me. "I have to go, the girls are waiting." I say. "Okay. I love you honey, have fun." She calls after me when I walk out the door. "Love you too." I yell back and get into Alexis's car.

The girls are already in the back. Were all here, all about to go on the best trip of our lives, were all about to meet our idols. All because of Sammy. As soon as I shut the car door behind me, we take off and Alexis shrieks. "WERE GOING TO CALIFORNIA BITCHES!"

Jessica's POV
The airport is so crowded. Im constantly getting pushed and shoved, along with the girls. "Jess. Look on twitter." Emily tells me and Alexis and Dakota smile at their phones. Jc Caylen tweeted.
@JcCaylen: "So nice of Mikey to give his tickets to his best friends. Can't wait to meet you guys @EmilyHarris @AlexisShannel @JessicaThompson @DakotaFields." Oh my gosh. "Jc just tweeted about us." I say louder then I intended and a few people glare at me. I smile apologetically. "Excuse me miss? Move up please."

A lady in a uniform smiles at me and I step forward and put my luggage on the convair belt and spread my arms and legs so she can scan my body. "Your good." She tells me and I grab my bags. She does the same to the girls and we walk to double doors that lead to the plane. My heart pounds agaist my chest.

*Skips plane ride, now in LA*
Emily's POV
My phone buzzes when we land in LA. Kian Lawley dm'd me on twitter. My stomach drops and my eyes widen.

Kian: Have you girls landed yet?

"Guys Kian Lawley just dm'd me." I show them my phone screen. "Reply back dumbass." Alexis teases me.

Me: Yes. We don't know what to do. Were at the airport.

Kian: We got an uber for you. A man should be holding a sign that says your names on it. I know you guys are staying here and y'all "won" the contest and all that shit, but if I give you my number and you give it to anyone and it leaks, I'll send you packing.

Me: Umm, okay. I won't tell anyone.

Kian sends me his number and tells me to text him when he get to the location the uber drops us off at.

I tell the girls and Jessica points to a large bald man holding a sign with our names on it. We are escorted to the uber and he opens the door for us. Its huge inside.

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