15. Filming

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Emilys POV
Later the next day I'm going through twitter and everyone is talking about jess and Cam. I need to talk to her about what happened yesterday. She just went to her room last night and she hasn't been out since. The only time she came out was to say goodbye to Sammy this morning but then she went right back. "Hey." Jc opens the door to mine and Dakotas room and walks inside. "Hey." I don't look up from my phone screen. "Where's Dakota?" He asks me when he sees that her bed across the room is empty. "She went with Sam to go to Walmart." I sigh. "What's up?" He sits down at the foot of my bed. "I'm going through twitter and everyone's talking about what went down with jess and Cameron last night. They don't even know what actually happened. Hell I don't even know what exactly happened, but yet here they are making dumbass accusations." I breath. "Calm down. Jess is tough." He takes my hand into his. "Damn dude." He says. "What?" I tilt my head. "You guys all won the contest and this was supposed to be fun and yet this is what's going down." He huffs in frustration. "Its not your fault JC." I assure him. "We should do something to take everyone's mind off of it." I suggest. "Like what?" He mimics my actions from a few seconds ago a and tilts his head. "We could.... I have no idea." I give up. "Oh! I know! We could make a video for KianandJc." He submits. "Yeah, that's perfect. Go set up everything." I push him to the door and go across the hall to Jessica and Alexis's room to tell them. "Hey guys were gonna film a video for KianandJc." I say as soon as I open the door. Alexis is on her phone and jess is laying in bed. "What time?" She asks with her back to me. "Now." I smile even though shes facing away from me. "Let me change, I look ratchet." Alexis laughs and walks to the closet. "I'll be downstairs with them." I laugh as I walk from them and her out. I walk downstairs to find JC putting his big filming lights up. "What about Dakota? Will we just do it without her?" I ask him and he nods. "I texted her already, shes gonna make a video with Sam later." He continues setting everything up and moments later he speaks up again. "Alright I'm ready when you are." He turns to me just as the girls come down the stairs. "Alright dudes. What type of video are we doing?" Alexis questions and sits down in front of the film camera. "I don't know." JC shrugs. "Jess? Any suggestions?" I ask jess and she just shakes her head. "JC could just introduce us to his viewers." Alexis suggests. "Well either way we have to get Kian. Its called Kian and Jc." He walks upstairs and when he returns Kian is following him. "Ready?" I ask. "Yep let's do it." Kian clicks his tounge and I laugh. We all sit down in front of the camera. I'm on the end then it's Jessica, JC, Kian, and Alexis. JC clicks the record button and begins speaking. This is fucking crazy! This has been my dream for years now, to be able to film with them. It's finally happening.
Jessica's POV
"Wassup guys. So you may know that a couple of weeks ago we held a contest for someone to get flown here by us...." Kian motions between himself and JC. "Well here are the lovley ladies who won." JC then motions to the three of us. "There's one more person but shes not here at the moment." We wave at the camera. "This is Jessica, Alexis and that's Emily." Kian points to each of us. The rest of the video goes on with us so just goofing around and having fun. I'm so happy we did this, it took my mind off of everything from last night. This is all a dream come true. To be able to even have drama with Cameron Dallas is amazing. Although I do find myself wishing I'd never met Cameron. After we finish filming Kian begins editing it. "Hey jess?" Kian calls me. "Yeah?" I ask. "Can I talk to you for a second?" He pleas and I walk over to him as he sets the laptop that he was editing on, down. He walks to the kitchen and I follow. "Cameron texted me." He blurts. "And?" I groan. "He really likes you Jessica." He tells me. "I don't care Kian. I'm sorry but I can't have a relationship with someone that I'm gonna be leaving at the end of the summer. Not to mention that I still have a boyfriend back home." I remind him. "Just give him a chance." He repeats what he told me last night. "I just...I can't" I stutter. "Yes, you can. I already told you this, but I'm telling you again. He's so different when he's with you. He really likes you jess and you should give him a chance." He sighs. "Please?" He begs. "What do you mean give him a chance?" I ask. "I can't just call him up and say
'Aye dude. I'll give you a chance, cone get me and take me for dinner.' I can't do that." I continue. "He wants to throw you a birthday party." He interjects and I find myself excited and happy that someone wanted to take it upon themselves to throw ME a party. Yeah growing up with Sammy, he would throw all of us birthday parties but this is different. "Really?" I can't help the grin on my face. "Yes." He confirms my question and my smile grows. "So can I text him and tell him your okay with that?" He asks. "Can I think it over for a little bit?" I answer his question with a question. "Yeah sure." He nods. I smile and begin to walk out of the kitchen but he stops me. "What I told you, about Alexis. Can you...." I cut him off. "Your secret is safe with me."
Dakota's POV
Sam asked me to go to Walmart with him because he had to get a few things and he didn't want to go alone, so here I am. It was hectic. "Does that happen everywhere you go?" I question when we get back in his car. "Pretty much. It sucks sometimes." He starts the car and slowyly pushes through the crowd of screaming girls. "Their gonna think were dating now." I tell him. "Aren't we?" He questions and glares at me. I begin panicking. "You think were dating?" I retaliate. "Arent we?" He repeats. "I um..I guess." I stutter and he stops the car and turns in his seat to face me. "If you don't wanna be with me you don't have to. I just thought after the boardwalk last night that we were you know, together." His cheeks flush and I smile. "Of course I want to be in a relationship with you Sam." I tilt his head up and he grins. "I'm glad to here that." His smile grows and my heart beats rapidly as he crashes his lips to mine and the girls outside begin cheering louder and banging on the windows.

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