Chapter 24

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Vienne's POV

I landed softly on the ground. My wings flapping hard to reduce the momentum i had in my flight. It was fun though. I learned how to fly with this big pair, but i'm still a bit wonky. I looked at him, who was lying down under the shadow of a tree, his eyes closed. He's sleeping. I tip toed to the prison entrance, slowly and softly, so he won't wake up. As i stood in front of the entrance, a shriek echoed from the halls. I jumped back a bit, surprised by the sudden shriek.

The shriek woke him up, apparently. Because right after i heard his voice "You done?" I looked at him, his cold, white eyes staring at me. A shiver ran down my spine, no matter what his eyes will always be horrifying to look at. I gulped and nodded, he nodded back. I watched him standing up and walking towards the entrance, but he stopped right in front of me and did another weird and difficult hand maneuver. He was casting a spell. But it did nothing? I feel nothing wrong, and nothing changed in the environment around me. What did he do?

He beckoned me to follow him, as he walked in to the prison. I followed him. We were back in the dark prison, empty prison cells surrounding us. Occasionally i would see a shadow in the prison cells. They'd turn around and glowing white eyes with stare at me. I felt a cold shiver running down my spine every time they looked at me. But every time these eyes looked at me the bigger the question. Why were their eyes white as the moon who was walking before me. Did he do anything to these people? As i thought more deeply about this more unanswered question rose up. A chain of questions kept appearing in my head, one question related to the other. But i couldn't answer these.

I lost my train of thought as i bumped into him. He stopped, without me noticing. I took a few steps back as he looked at me. I looked at the ground, not wanting to look at him. But i felt him staring daggers at me.

When he looked away i looked up, he continued walking, with me following him. Only now i noticed that the narrow halls were getting darker and darker. It was getting harder to see a thing, and harder to know where i am going. I tried my best following him, but also trying to not bumping into him or falling behind.

We finally arrived at a door after a long walk. I looked at the door, it had fancy trims and some sort of painting on it. It was made out of metal. And it had a spell on it. This was probably a place where no one else should come in. He waved his hand in front of the door, but it was still closed. He growled. He took something out of his pocket, i couldn't tell what it is but he waved it around the door, making it glow a faint blue color. The door opened and we walked in.

We were surrounded by ancient paintings. They were all still in good condition. This took my breath away. But nothing else has caught my eye then the symbols on the middle of the room. They were huge and strange, but also familiar. They looked like Runes, only...older.

He made me stand in the middle, where the odd symbols are. The symbols started to glow a pale blue light, so was my pendant. It was reacting to it. A sudden pain shot through me, as i was paralyzed at that spot. I looked at the man before me, who was grinning, watching me in pain.

The pain got worst. I collapsed onto the ground as the pain was unbearable. It wasn't an amount i could handle. Even my wings disappeared. The pain got stronger and stronger, i started to scream without knowing. My hands in my hair screaming for it to stop, but it just kept getting worst. It felt like someone. pulling something out of me, like they are pulling out my soul.

When the pain stopped i laid down on the ground panting. All i could see was his feet. He stood there for a moment, then started to walk towards me. His feet stopped right in front of my face. And then darkness surrounded me...


Seto's POV

I groaned as i woke up, finding myself in a dark place. My head was pounding, i couldn't think straight. And my memories fuzzy. All i could remember...Was that i was sitting with a few friends...And then...then black.

I looked at my surroundings. It was very dark so i sparked a fire ball, now i saw where i am. In the prison ruins. His base. I looked around, there were cracks in the walls, and moss in the cracks. I inspected the bars, they were a bit rusty. You could easily break these. Only...

I touched the bars, and a electrical shock shot trough my hand. I quickly removed my hand. These bars are filled with magic. They will react when a magical being touches them. Which i am one of.

Shooting magic is now use, it will just bounce back right at me. Backfired. I sighed and sat in the corner, there's no way i can escape this. What would Seto do in this situation? I honestly do not know...

My head perked up, i heard foot steps. They were getting louder. I stood up, ready for battle. A shadow appeared behind the bars. I know who this was, so i relaxed my stance.

The shadow started to speak. "So, how is your mission?

"It's not going great, as you can see i'm trapped"

"Well, it's going as the plan i had in mind. Keep it up. Make sure you don't mess it up. We don't want this to go wrong" He started to walk away, but he dropped something. I picked it up, he dropped the prison keys. I looked at him, the light reflecting on his crown. I then know, this was a one life chance. I shouldn't fail now, not that we are so close.

I made sure he was gone, and there was no one in the halls. I looked left and right, there were nobody to be seen. I unlocked the door with a click, and quickly ran to the opposite direction of him. Now to find the others...

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