Chapter 21

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Skye's POV

My breathing wasn't stable. Hiding in the shadows, i listened quietly to the footsteps that were getting louder. And louder. My heart was beating fast.

While the explosion i slammed against the wall, or to be more exact, the door. My back did hurt when i slammed the door open, but at least i get to hide from him. I manage to close the door with no sound.

I tried to calm down, my fast breathing isn't helping me well. Suddenly i heard a foot stomp. My eyes widen. I tried to look what was happening but i couldn't risk it. I didn't want to be caught.

"So you tried to escape, huh?" I heard someone say. The voice was familiar. It was Max! I could hear my fast heartbeat in the dead silence. It wasn't normal. It stayed quiet for a few dreadful seconds before i heard an ear piercing scream. I covered my ears. Than another scream, another one followed and then another. I couldn't take it, it was too much. I closed my eyes and hoped it would be over soon.

When i was about to lose my sanity the screams died down to a dreadful silence. I slowly opened my eyes. Everything was pitch black. Of course, i'm in a cell. I just hope the door is still open.

I waited patiently till the steps were off to the distance, till i'm sure he was far enough. When the steps were no longer to be heard, i quietly open the door, flinching at the creaking sound it made. Crap. I look left and right, no one is there. Leaving the cell, i sprinted towards the opposite direction of Max. I have to be quick, who knows how long it will take for the sound to travel to his ears.

After a while i stopped in front of an open cell door, surprised, i walked in and silently closed it. I waited again, till i was sure Max is gone.

10 minutes went by, i was sure Max was gone. I approached the cell door, suddenly i heard a faint stomp from the far distance echoing. It sounded like footsteps. I ducked and my myself as small as i can. The footsteps got louder. Once again i hear my heart beat fast.

The sound stopped right in front of the door. This time i was panicking quietly. I closed my eyes, wishing he went away. After a few seconds he left. I relaxed for a bit and stood up, looking at the barred window to make sure he is really gone. No one to see. Good, now my plan can begin.


Tyler's POV

Three days. Three days to train. Seto calculated the estimated time the army would come here, al though we weren't sure yet. People were getting better and better in fighting. I was surprised how fast they improved in such a short time. I believed they were ready, ready to fight the evil that awaits outside our barrier.

I looked around, watching people dueling with wooden swords and wearing the leather armor, soon they will wear iron and diamond. The miners of mine city agreed getting us resources I'll admit, they brought us many. So much there were materials left. We promised to return them as soon as the war is over, if we win this war anyways....

Someone snapped me put of my thoughts. "Tyler! We have a problem!" Someone shouted. I looked over my shoulder, i saw Bodil and Baki running to me.

"What's wrong?" I asked them. I let them have a few seconds to catch their breath before they started to speak.

"It's bad Tyler! Seto fainted! That could mean..." Oh no. I sprinted to the stage quickly and shouted "ATTENTION EVERYBODY! GO TO THE MIDDLE OF THE CITY AND GET YOUR ARMOR THEIR! IT'S TIME." No one thought a second about it. They immediately ran to the center.

I sprinted to the northern gate, guessing Mitch was there watching when they will attack. Suddenly an arrow flew past my face by inches. Now i was for sure we were attacked. There were dozens of skeletons, zombies and creepers. They were flooding the northern gate.

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