Chapter 19

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Seto's POV

All i had was stress. It's been two day since i last slept. All the sorcerers were sleeping except me. I looked at the clock. 04:37, Great.

There's a reason i am staying up late. A reason that is understandable. I sat back, running a hand through my hair. I closed my eyes for a bit, thinking carefully what information i have now, but i couldn't think straight. I slammed the desk, the sound echoing in the halls. It frustrated me.

"How will i found their base?" I muttered softly to myself.

Putting my hands on my head, i though about how i will do this. The time was ticking. It's ticking sound giving irritating the heck out of me.
I slammed the desk again, not aware of the person in the doorway.

"Seto?" A little girl asked, I looked at the doorway, it was Melsia, a young apprentice training to be a great sorceress. She was trained by Evon, a great sorcerer known to stop the flood a few years back. But why is Melsia still awake?

"I...want to ask you something." She said.

"Sure, why not? Come here and tell me your question young one." She walked over to me. When she got closer i noticed something, she was shaking.

"Can...Can i stay with you here?" She asked.

"Sure, take a seat." She took a chair from somewhere and placed it beside me. I put my arm around her, in the hope to comfort her. She was really shaking, badly.

"Melsia, what's wrong?" She stayed silent. Only now i could see how pale her skin was in the dim light, like she has seen a ghost. I narrowed my eyes, something must have gone wrong. I stood up, but Melsia held my sleeve tightly, not wanting to let go.

I stroked her hair a bit, calming her down. When she was calm down i held her hand. She looked at me with questioning eyes.

"It's going to be alright, i will only check what is wrong." I said. She nodded. Together we left the library. But as soon as i approached the doorway i smelled something odd, like the smell of iron. The smell of blood. My eyes widen.

"Melsia, lead me to the source." She hesitated, but ran soon after a few seconds. But i could swear i saw tears in her eyes. We ran towards the direction of Evon's room, Leo's and Anne's room. The closer i got the more stronger the smell. I started to feel nervous. It wasn't really pleasant. I already saw Anne standing on the door way to Evon's room, with a hand covering her mouth and her eyes wide open. Oh no...

I softly pushed Anne away and rushed in Evon's room. But i wish i never did that. The sight was horrible. The smell of blood hit me hard the second i went into this room. Everything except good was happening in one moment.

"No..." was all i managed to say. I took a step closer. A step closer to the corpse of Evon. My dear friend. Tears started to roll down my cheeks. This wasn't what i wanted late at night. This wasn't suppose to happen.

I choked at the smell. By the time Leo came and froze as well. This was too much too bear, but i tried ignoring and took another step forward. Soon enough i was right next to him. i slowly removed the blade that was stabbed through his chest. When it was removed i inspected it carefully. It was a diamond sword. I looked down at the handle, where a bright purple gem was attached to, and it was shaped like a M. I dropped the sword. Oh no...

I couldn't believe it. He killed Evon. Max killed Evon. How could he? I wiped the tears away, but they just kept going. He killed him. I would never forgive him.

After a few minutes i calmed down a bit. So did the others. I looked at Evon's face one last time. It looked so peaceful, like he was sleeping. If he would just wake up and say 'Just kidding!'. But no. That will never happen. I wiped the tears off again. And slowly, i put his blanket over his head, while the others are saying their goodbyes. And it's all the same line.
"Good bye Evon..."


Vienne's POV

I sat beside the wall, thinking about what would happen to me. It's been so long, since i last have seen my friends, back in the kingdom, where dangers are it's fullest.

The darkness surrounded me. Not really pleasant if you ask me. It's been a few days since i last ate. My stomach was growling, but i ignored it.

"How's my little prisoner?" Someone said. I looked up. A shadow was behind the bars. I couldn't see well in the dim light. But i am guessing it's Max, sounded like his voice.

"What do you think?" I grumbled. I clearly wasn't in a good mood and he was about to make it worst. The sound of metal jingling was echoing through the wall, followed by a silence. Shortly after a click. The squeaking metal door opened slowly as Max stepped in the room. He is definitely making it worst.

"Cheer up, little girl." I ignored him and looked away, not wanting to see his face. But he forcefully held my chin and made me look at him. His eyes staring into mine. I showed a bit blush. Quickly i slapped his hand away and pushed him back. He nearly fell, but got his balance back. He was clearly angry, because the second he got his blance the second he toon me by my hood. I choked a bit.

"Listen, little girl. Give up. There is no more hope. Don't even think about escaping and listen to me." I groaned, but listened to him anyway.

"Good girl. Now tell me, would you like to see an old friend?" He asked. I find it rather a strange question, but yes i would actually like to see an old friend, so i nodded slightly.

His smirk got wider, making me feel nervous. "Well meet your friend!" I looked at the door, no one was there, well i couldn't see anyone. But shortly i heard footsteps. Slowly they were getting louder. Now i see a shadow on the door. The shadow stepped into the room, but still was very vague to see. Max held up his hand and sparked up a fire ball, giving the room more light. Now i could see who he meant.

No...he couldn't be just can't. I stood before my friend Barbarian. Tears were flooding my eyes. He was possessed, without me knowing.

"Isn't he such a good boy? He listens so well and fights like Mitch. But i want you to do something and i needed him...." Why did he need him?

"So if you disobey..." He held a small dagger on his neck " He will be executed."

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