Chapter 18

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Tyler's POV

Me, Baki and Bodil were walking in the market, telling salesmen that they need to remove their stands. Some where being stubborn and refused to clean up and go, but they did it anyways. When the whole place was empty, except the huge crowd in front of us, who were curious of what was happening, i started to speak.

"All of Star city!" I shouted. "We greatly need your help! Star city is in danger as we are about to face a great war against the darkest evil of this world. Sadly, our army cannot stand the great evil that is waiting beyond the barriers of Star city. So we need volunteers that will help the fight against evil. Who would volunteer?"

Many people has raised their hands up in the air. Just big enough to make the army. "I believe this is a good amount of people. The ones that didn't raise their hands up may leave. The volunteers stay." People started to leave. Surprisingly it wasn't as many people as i thought that would leave. In front of me were dozens of people that were gonna be trained to fight, people that might...die in my hands.

I shook the thought away, not wanting to think about how many lives can be lost during this war. It was a cruel though, thinking it's my responsibility. That they...died...

Skye's POV

I woke up, sitting against the wall, near a chained Ty. I jumped back a bit, but memories flooded into me from last night. My past, the End, the plan....The plan! The escape plan! But how will i do it? hmm...

I looked at Ty, who was chained next to me. Sleeping so soundless. I kind of wanted to play with his long fluffy hair, but he'll probably get angry, so i tried suppress the urge to run my hand through his dark brown hair.

Instead of messing with his hair i removed the chains. By the sound of the chains he seemed to wake up. When i finished removing the chains Ty dropped on the ground with a 'thud'. Seems like he is still sleepy.

Slowly Ty stood up, looked at me in the eye and whispered. "Did he talk to you?"

I nodded, thinking he is talking about EnderTy from last night. He nodded slowly, knowing the fact i talked with him last night.

"Okay then..." He whispered. It was quiet again. I closed my eyes, thinking how long this would last. How long the war would be, how long...i will live...

Vienne's POV

My head is pounding like nether. I woke up in a dark room. I couldn't see a thing. I wondered where i was, what happened and why am i here. Only i couldn't think straight. A lot is happening in my head, i couldn't stand it. I stood up and searched my way to the exit. I keep touching the walls, so i might feel the door. Suddenly the wall became farther and colder. Like a metal door...

I touched it with two hands, just to make sure. It was a cold, flat surface. Definitely a metal door. I tried pushing it, wouldn't even budge. I searched for a handle somewhere...Found one! I tried pulling it, didn't work either. That's locked.

I sighed and dropped myself beside a wall. I'm trapped, am i? I closed my eyes to sleep. I was very tired and my head ache didn't want to leave. But suddenly i heard a loud scream.

I sat up straight immediately, alert for any sound that was made. There was nothing but only silence for a five minutes. I dropped my guard a bit. Thinking that scream was a illusion. "I'm crazy" I muttered to myself.

Suddenly i heard footsteps. It seem to echo. I got louder and louder, till i saw the source, it was a boy running. I couldn't make out who he is because of the very dim light.

I wanted to shout out 'Hey!', but at the same time i didn't want to. Something about this guy makes me feel unpleasant. Like he has evil glowing around him. It wasn't really pleasant.

I stood up to look at the barred window of this cell. There seemed to be light at the left. I wondered what it was, but i was tired. So many has hapenned and i couldn't remember all. So i went to one of the corners, sat down and closed my eyes. Hoping that this is just a dream. Hoping that i will be back at home in Sky army. Sleeping on my comfy bed. Hoping that this war would be over. But no. This war is a living nightmare...

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