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Thank you guys so much for reading this story! Let me tell you that most of it was completely unplanned and i just went with what flowed in my head. Heck, when i had things planned it went to another direction. Well, thank you guys once again. I know i've been inactive at some point, and i'm terribly sorry for that.

But now i can say this book is finally finished. I had fun writing it. if you liked this one, please kindly use your time to check out the other books i have started recently owo

Also, would you like to check out Lost in the past by LillyWind540 and Gamemode Hardcore by XxSkyWindxX , as those stories have a connection with this one.

Once again, thank you.

Thank you guys for

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I am definetly not the best writer, heck, i don't even deserve this much. But really guys, thank you for reading my first ever book. It was fun.

Well now i guess this is time to say good bye and close this book off.

I'll see you guys in my other works.



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