Chapter 32

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Vienne's pov

I covered my mouth, just to hide the muffled scream. Out of all wars in my entire life i've never seen someone this bad before. There was blood on his back, head, even his ass is covered in blood! And i couldn't take it.

I stumbled back from the scene, not wanting to see it. I looked away. I'm used to gore and stuff but this is way too far. Judging by the spots which was covered in blood, it looked like the places where his wings, horns and tail were. Like they were...literally ripped off him.

The girl stirred a bit, giving a spark of hope. Well, at least she's waking up.

"W...wha?..." She looked at me with a tired look in her eyes. She blinked a few times. She rubbed her eyes with her hands. When she seemed to see clearly she looked at me, with a confused look. "Who are..." She suddenly stood up and pointed at me. "You are Vienne!" She shouted. Or well, more like echoed in the hall. Now all eyes were on us, and there was definitely a pair of flashlight eyes staring at us. And it wasn't exactly a nice stare. I looked behind her, seeing the icy cold stare he's been giving us. Then he looked at Max, who was glaring him to death. If looks can kill then Herobrine wouldv'e dropped dead the moment he looked at Max. But the glare didn't bother him. In fact, it boosted up his ego. His smirk widened, to the point it was inhuman for someone to have a smirk as wide as that.

I gulped down the large lump inside my throat, which prevented me to speak. Skye seemed to be terrified as well. She seemed to be more pale then 5 minutes ago. But it's not because of Herobrine. No no, she was staring at the body next to it. Seto...

"What did you DO?!" Max shouted in anger. You can clearly hear the rage in his voice, see his eyes flaming with fury. Herobrine simply chuckled and placed his foot on Seto's back. "He has broken the rules. He needed to be punished." He pressed hard on the spot where his wings were, making him groan in pain. "You don't want to end up like this, do you? I recommend not transforming into your ender form. Unless." He pressed even harder, making Seto yelp. "You want to be like him, laying on the ground, helpless." He grinned at Max, angering him even more. "Don't you dare." Max growled lowly. "Oh i won't touch him, not anymore." He rolled him towards Sky, who immediately knelt beside Seto's pained body. "Seto!" At this point, i jumped down from the second floor, landing next to Sky. Skye followed me, jumping down as well. She stumbled a bit when she landed but immediately ran over to Seto, and knelt beside him as well. I stood apart from them, and faced Herobrine.

I had my battle stance on, and was determined to take him on hand to hand combat. But at the same time i wanted to run away, i mean, it's Herobrine for Notch's sake. He has cheats on. which makes this very battle unfair.

Max slid right beside me, determined to fight as well. He had his magic on, making this fight easier. "You're gonna regret touching him." He growled lowly. It sounded more like a Dragon to be honest.

"You're gonna regret engaging a fight with me"

Ty's POV

We looked outside the window. Outside was a sight no one ever wanted to see. The city streets was packed with mobs. Corpses laid strawled all over the street among the mobs. Sometimes they would spot someone fighting with their last bits of their strength, but died in the end. It was torture to watch your people die before you, while you couldn't do anything but watch them. Bodil walked away from the window, trying to fight back his tears. Jason was already sobbing and me, i was crying as well. I quickly wiped my tears away with the back of my hand. Out of all the years i worked in the army, this was the worst. Out of all the wars we had, this was the longest. And most painful one i've ever had.

I walked away from the window. Since i was a bit nauseous i leaned against the wall. My head didn't feel great. The migraine didn't go away as i wished. I slumped down the wall, sitting on the ground now. I looked up at the ceiling, wondering how the people are back in the prison. Then a very different person came across my mind. Kia.

I haven't seen her in years, along with Bloodie. Man, i miss them. I wonder how they are. Probably not involved in this war, like us. The thought of them made me smile. We were glad having them part of the army, until one day they disappeared. Even now they are a mystery.

I stood up. I felt a bit better. At least not in the brink to puke because of the corpses outside. I'll admit, i do not want to be eaten by a zombie or exploded by creepers. You could clearly see their guts, in and out of their bodies. It was disgusting.

Jason finally recovered from the disturbing sights. Bodil was still gagging but calmed down soon after. "So what's the plan?" Jason asked. "I say we first go around the city and search for any survivors. Or at least a safe house." We all agreed to this plan "But..." We all looked at Bodil, who seemed troubled by something. "Do we split up or stay together?" "Good question." Jason said, while deciding wether to go together or split up.

I suddenly heard a faint zombie groan. I looked at both hallways, and it seemed that the left one had some mobs. "We can decided later, right now we decide the faith of the visitors." I reached for my sword, which was unfortunately, ins't there. I groaned. This is gonna be a long fight.

"Are you ready?" Jason said, read to battle. "As ready as you are." Bodil said, positioning himself to a battle stance. "Then let's go."


Dawn's POV

I walked next to Mitch through these prisons. We were all freed by Bodil, or well, Seto freed us all. It was his key.

The prisons were dark and gloomy. Sometimes a torch was placed on the wall, but there was a large distance in between each torch. So it was was dark most of the time.

I looked behind me at the others, Baki seemed worried, Jay was neutral. I looked in front of me, where Tyler was leading the group. His hair was messier then ever. He must be tired. It's been more then 24 hours since i had a good night sleep. And that was before i was kidnapped and forced to go to the prison without my consent.

I sighed heavily, earning a look from Mitch. "Something wrong, Dawn?" He asked. I didn't bother to look at him, because i was tired. "Nothing, Mitch. I just barely had any sleep, that's all." He sighed and looked back straight into the hallway.

To be honest, we didn't know where we were going. We were just blindly walking around. Although we said we'd meet up at the exit, which we haven't found yet.

I heard a body collapsed behind my back. I turned around and saw Jay's body being supported by Baki. It seems like he passed out of sleep deprivation. Baki seemed worn out as well. I looked at Tyler, who had bags under his eyes. "Baki, do you mind carrying Jay?" Baki nodded, and took Jay on his back. Tyler nodded back and continued walking.

We came across a familiar face. Seto! We all ran up to him, ignoring at how tired we were. Seto looked shocked at us, yet he looked like he is about to pass out from exhaustion. "Oh h-hey guys." He tiredly said with a soft voice. He was about to fall on the ground before Tyler catched him with his arms. "We can't blame him."

We would've continued if nothing was wrong with Seto. He seemed to be slightly glitching. "Seto?" Tyler poked his arm softly, earning a groan in return. Seto rolled of his arms, falling face first on the ground. His body seemed to grow to a smaller, slender build. We all took a step back from the strange Seto.

Seto sat up and cough, since he had his hood on we could barely see him. Then he turned around to look at us. Only i wasn't Seto. It was a blond haired dude with green eyes under the hood. "Hey guys." He waved and put on a small smile.



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