Chapter 28

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Seto's POV

"Who's there?!" Said the man with such a loud voice.

Me and Max froze on our places, not daring to move one inch. I was scared. I felt like a coward, leaving Max all on hid own, facing the man who thought me sorcery.

I watched him, shaking in fear. For now i felt like a bad friend, dumping the troubles on his shoulders. I shouldn't have went into the throne room.

"Max, is that you?!" His booming voice said.

"Y-yes, my m-master." He stammered. Clearly he's nervous.

"Why have you barged into the throne room. What is so important that you have woken me up from my slumber?!"

"U-umm..." He better think of a good lie.

"Seto is here, we've captured him." Max said calmly. He probably referred the 'other Seto'. I hope he's okay. I wonder how he's doing.

"Hmm, is that so? Then capture him at once! I do not want to wait any longer in this war!" I heard the sound of wood slamming, or stone, i can't tell. Well, it's just the sound of something slammed hard echoing through the room.

"Look Max, i do not wish to wait any longer. I need all three descendants from the End. All must be gathered here in 2 hours. By then i've done preparing. Make sure none of these pesky rats has escaped." Max nodded obediently, not wanting to cause more trouble. Which i understood, waking him up was troublesome enough.

Max ran away, looking for the descendants, or so he speaks. Which will cause alot of trouble, if he figured out that i let him escape, he'll be furious. I gotta find 'him' now, before it's too late.

I teleported back to the top, where my cape was hanging. I grabbed it and quickly put it on. I put my hood on. Quickly i sprinted away towards the direction of where i think he might be.

Skye's POV

I opened the door, only to regret i ever opened it. Right before my eyes i see all kinds of experiments. From dogs to dragons to...humans...It was creepy, but i decided to investigate.

Just one step in and it already gave me the shivers. I looked around, only to see rows of dozens and dozens of creatures. All in tanks filled with green fluidish stuff. But what were they for?

I went deeper into the lab, i think. Only to find a work place. It was full of papers, scattered everywhere. On the tables and on the floor. But what stood out the most in this part was the tank in the middle. It stood out the most, since it was separated from the rows of other tanks. Must be special.

I walked towards it, i wanted to know whats inside, since its fogged up. I swiped my hand on the glass, removing the moisture. It showed a young women around her 30s. Which made me wonder, why is she special that she stands here. I checked the name plate, which had moist as well. I swiped my hand on it, cleaning it. It said...'Serena Ali...' The last name was scratched. I couldn't read it properly.

Before i continued my research around here i decided to take one more glance at this women. And thought deeply, why would she be placed here. But i couldn't think of a good reason.

I continued walking, checking the papers if they were any interesting. But they were just newspapers from years old. All about old stuff.

it was all the same, until i came to this one newspaper with big letters 'CRIMINAL SERENA ALIWHEI MISSING'. Must be related to to the women in the tank. I continued reading it. The more and more i read it, the more shocked i am. Until suddenly a hand covered my mouth and pulled me away, dropping the newspaper in the process.

I screamed as hard as i can, but i all came out as 'mmmf'. He dragged me away to some place in the lab and let me go. Immediately i kicked him in the balls and ran. His cries of pain satisfying me. I smirked. It always feels good to kick in someones balls.

But i spoke too soon, the guy just teleported right in front of me, which made me stop on my tracks. I quickly turned around and ran the other way, but i was too slow and got tripped.

"Calm down." I heard the man said. It was a familiar voice. I looked up. I saw a face with pretty brown eyes and brown locks covering them a bit. He was wearing a purple hood and a long cape. It was Seto.

"Well i can't help to have that feeling of being abducted." I said, whilst standing up and dusting my jacket. I faced him, he was quite smaller actually. Which was strange, wasn't Seto taller? Oh well. I shrugged that thought off.

"Heh, my bad. It must have really looked like i was abducting you. My true purpose was actually getting you to somewhere we can talk more privately. That place was too open."
He laughed shyly.

"It's okay, so what do you want to talk about?"

"I wanted to talk about the plan. Do you remember it?" I nodded. It was free the others and escape quickly, right?

He nodded. "What is the plan then?" He asked. Is he trying to test my memory.

"It was basically find the others, let them free, and escape, right?"

He seemed to be thinking for a while. Then said nodded. "Yes that is the plan." After that he disappeared into thin air. Strange...was that all he needed to talk about?

I ran out of the lab. Enough wasting time, i should find the others. But first i should find the key. I started running, but i heard a jingling noise echoing in the corridors. I stopped. Just now i realized the weight in my right pocket. I put my hand in, fumbling around. Only to find a key. There seemed to be a note on it. I opened the piece of paper and started reading.

"Hey, i thought you might need these prison keys. Have them.


My eyes sparkled. Thank you Seto. Now to find Jay and the others.


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