Chapter 29

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Seto's POV

So that was his plan he gave her, i see. But she didn't know the full details of the plan...Not yet, at least.

I felt his magic slowly depleting, this disguise won't hold for long. I should find him fast before the spell wears off.

While quietly walking through the prison, i found the group. My eyes sparkled, although they were in seperate cells. Each of them, one after another came up to me and whisper shouted "Seto!"

I stopped and looked into the cell that held Bodil and Baki. They were both startled by my sudden appearance. "Seto!" They both said at the same time. They came up to me. "Where were you?" Baki asked.

"I was locked up somewhere else in this ruins. But glad i found you, cause i have the key." I held up the key i had in my pocket. They both gasped. I think they had the question 'where did you get that?!' And such. I smirked and put a finger on my mouth, mouthing 'shhh'. They both pouted, which led me chuckling.

I opened the cell door. Baki and Bodil immediately came out. I gave them the key so they can free others, since i need to go somewhere else. I waved them goodbye and teleported somewhere else.

I checked my surroundings. This was the base of the staircase. I looked up, seeing figure running down the stairs, i tried warning the figure but it was too late, he bumped into me.

The sound of me falling on the ground echoed a bit. Not too loud though. I looked up, meeting hazel brown eyes that you can stare deeply into. I blushed, kind of and quickly looked away. The man who held the hazel brown eyes stood up, and dusted off his clothes. I just sat there, wondering off to a distant imagination. But a hand quickly snapped me out of it. He lent a hand, and i gladly took it. I stood up as well.

I looked into his eye, this time reading something what i haven't read earlier because of my unnecessary daydreaming. He had worry and concern in his eyes. Something which made me worry as well.

I was about to ask him if he was well, but he immediately cut me off by grabbing my shoulders and looking into me straight in the eye. This was serious, Seto never does that.

He told me the plan without uttering a single word. Well he did, but not out loud. We talked through telepathy, something sorcerers can do that normal humans can't. If a sorcerer physically touch each other, their minds would be linked and they would be able to talk each other, without anyone else hearing but them. Of course, more sorcerers can join too. Only if the 'head', the one who linked the minds, has its consent. If the head does not have its consent, you'll be kicked out immediately with force. Another way of talking telepathy is not through physical contact, but a strong and emotional bond. Not just one of friendship, but one of love. The two must trust each other very deeply to be able to talk telepathically from a distance.

I nodded. He smiled and quickly disappeared into thin air. Well actually he teleported. And i know where, but i decided not to go there...yet.

I left the room connected to the staircase and went immediately into the halls of dozens of cells. Most of them empty. Sometimes, someone is in the cell. But it's mostly normal citizens. And he should not have much use of a normal citizen. as they do not have anything in particular.

Finally, i arrived at the place where he told me to go. My cell. The old cell. I stepped in front of the door, which was old and rusted, yet still hard and strong.

I heard a faint tapping in the distance, slowly it got louder, and louder. I opened the cell door but i was too late, he already saw me. So there was no point in hiding in the cell. I quickly muttered some words. I muttered a teleportation spell softly. I wasn't teleported far away, since i have given it a small amount, an amount which was enough teleport. Besides, i shouldn't use too much magic. Not after i've acquired a new bunch.

Before i was about to leave something grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back. My heartbeat wasn't beating in a normal sequence. I turned around, to see a pair of familiar eyes. Bodil! He had a huge grin plastered on his face. Something i haven't seen in a long time.

He let go of me, which i was happy with. He stepped aside, showing me some unexpected faces. It was Jason and Ty! I sighed in relief, now we only need three more people. Just three more.

"Where's the rest?" I asked Bodil, softly.

"They're looking for a way out. I told them that if they did find a way out, that they should immediately go back." He replied calmly. I see.

Just now i noticed a pair of eyes staring at me. Which was surprisingly Ty's. I looked at his questioning gaze. Something is bothering him. He took a step forward. Then another. "Ty?" Jason questioned. Ty kept walking until our faces were inches close. I took a step back from him. "Is there something bothering you?" No reply. He just stared at me. Then he narrowed his eyes. He looked away, seeming to think deeply into something. Then he muttered something.

"This isn't Seto...'


Skye's POV

I had to be honest. I really didn't know where i was going. I walked around blindly, waiting for something to happen. This prison was huge and i didn't know where everyone are, so i just let my feet do the work.

Not so long after i stumbled across a boy. Well more like we bumped into each other. I fell on the ground, and so did my glasses. This was bad. I need to find my glasses quick.

I looked around like a helpless child, until something was tugging on my jacket. I turned around to where my jacket was being tugged, and saw tired brown eyes. Seto? I looked down, quickly not to look into his eyes. Not wearing my glasses was bad enough.

He shoved his hand on front of my face, holding a black pair of glasses. My glasses! I took them and quickly put it on. Finally i cant look into his eyes, safely. I looked up, to where his face is.

His face wasn't anywhere near the charming face of Seto. It had really messy brown hair. One that hasn't been washed for weeks. Seto always keeps his hair tidy. Well, his hair is a bit messy, but overall it's always neat.

But his face was familiar, like i've seen it before. The small smile, the friendly eyes that's looking at me. I've seen it somewhere before. Just...where though?

His head quickly looked at his left, mine too. I heard some footsteps. And it was going fast, like running. He quickly grabbed the collar of my jacket and took me into the nearby cell. Surprisingly it was open, most empty cells weren't open. I looked at the expression he had now. It was serious and determined.

We waited till the uninvited noises were gone. Which took a while to be gone. When i was finally silent, he took my hand and pulled my outside. He looked left and right, then back at me. A sigh came out from his lips, which formed into a smile.

"Unexpected to see someone else here in prison, eh?" He said. "Well i wasn't expecting you." I said. "So, what is your name, young one." He asked. I nearly snapped because of the last part. Judging by how tall he is and how tall i am we should be around the same age, or well a few years different. "Skye, my name is Skye." I replied. "You may have already knew this, but i am Sky. The king of the Budder kingdom and commander of Sky army." My heart dropped. Sky, the actual king Sky, who was missing since a year ago, is now standing right in front of me.

"Well shall we find a way out?" He asked, giving another friendly smile. I nodded and gave him a smile back. "Then let's go, follow me. I know the ways of this place." He started to run, with me running behind me.

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