Chapter 23

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Skye's POV

I gasped. But perhaps i gasped too hard. Because the sound echoed in the halls. That isn't good. Not good at all. One second after they stopped talking. It was silent. Too silent, that i can hear my heart beating fast.

Then i heard foot steps. Slow and careful, one of them was coming to me. I hid behind the pillar, making myself as small as possible. I looked to my right, there i saw Max looking for me. I looked to my left, where Seto was in front of my face. I shrieked and stumbled back. I'm caught.

I quickly turned around, but of course, Max is there. I had no where to go. Come on Skye, think.

I decided to go right side of the hall. Quickly opened the door and shut it behind me, just on time to miss a spell. Without thinking i sprinted into the hallway, but was stopped by a sudden Seto. Surprised, i fell on my butt on the ground. I looked behind me, Max was there. I was trapped.

Seto did a strange hand maneuver and i started fell sleepy. Sleeping powder. I fought back the spell, tried my best to stay awake. But it got to me. Before i knew it i fell asleep. But i swear i saw Seto mouth 'I'm sorry'


Vienne's Pov

Tired, Hurt, Pain. I have all three. He was cruel. Too cruel. I tried to sit up, but my body didn't listen. I needed to escape, fast before he does another test. I couldn't move anything though, he inject a numbing fluid. I couldn't move.

"Ready, test subject?" My eyes widen he's back.

Before he grabbed i tried my best to fight the paralyze and kicked him away from me. He growled and grabbed me by the arm and injected the paralyze again. I fell limb, again. He carried me to the table and lay me there. I checked what he carried. One needle. Just one. I didn't know what it contained, but i'm sure it's something to break my sanity. I felt nervous

He inject the needle into me, it hurts and it burned like nether. I clenched my teeth. I looked at his face, there was a huge smirk. I started to feel dizzy. He injected Anesthetic. I had no power. Just in three seconds i fell asleep.


I woke up with a heavy headache. It was bothering me. The first thing i noticed that i was face flat on the ground, second i can move now. And third i felt this weight on my back. I tried to grab it. With my hand i grabbed the weight, it was soft and fuzzy. Strange. I pulled one out. A sharp pain shot through me. Ouch...

I looked at what i had in my hands. A pure white feather, then it hit me. I have wings. Angel wings. Pure, white angel wings. I looked behind me and saw the huge pair i have. Well it wasn't pure white since it had crystal blue tips but still, i have wings! So is this what he did to me? Is this what Seto hid?

I tried to flap them, it was hard at first, but i had control over them. I stretched one out to see it. It was pretty huge and had a long wingspan. I admired the texture and played around with the feathers carefully.

"Done admiring?" Someone said. I looked at the direction from where the sound came from. It was him.

That he did this to me was strange, why would he do this? "Now your powers have awoken, my times up." Powers awoken, what did he mean? I had these from the start? I didn't know...

"Well, would you like to test them?" Test them? He's letting me use these wings? Why?

"Yes or no?" I quickly nodded. He walked away and i followed him. To be honest, it was kind of hard to walk in the hallways with this big wings. I wonder how those angels do it. I tried closing them. Amazingly it worked. It made walking in these hallways much easier.

He lead me outside the underground prison. I gotta admit, it was nice getting fresh air after being locked up there for days. But why is he doing this. Can he not know that i can escape from here. I looked at him, making a hand sweep. A force field appeared. He did think about the consequences. Why am i stupid to think he is stupid.

I stood on the middle, trying my best to flap them. It was tiring. After a while i managed to fly a few meters up, but i couldn't move. So i slowly went back down. He was just sitting and watching me. I tried again. I was used to flapping these big things. This time i went a few meters higher. I tried moving forward, but it resulted me losing my balance and falling. He made a magic net to catch my fall. I was kind of scared doing this. I jumped out of the net and tried again. This time i carefully flew forward, inches by inches. Sometime i got use to it and went faster.

I was having fun.


Seto's POV

We were close to our destination. We've been travelling the whole day. I've focused to much on it, that i forgot about the others. Suddenly Tyler just blurted out "Seto can we rest?!" I looked behind me, everyone immediately collapsed on the ground. Now i noticed how tired i was. My feet hurts. Decided to take a rest too. I sat next to Dawn, who was taking a bite from the steam she brought. I was pretty hungry as well. I took some bread from my bag and took a bite as well.

My stomach rumbled. Another rumble was heard. It was Bodil's stomach. A chain of stomach rumbles was formed. Not long after we were laughing. It was good though. I haven't laughed in a long time. We forgot all about the war and sat there like a group of friends. I smiled. Friends, it's been long since i used that word.

We just sat there, having fun we didn't have for a long time. We weren't aware with our surroundings.

Not aware of the man who hid in the bushes and knocked us out.

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